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Ched Evans - Time for the populist scumbags Cameron, Clegg et al to beg for forgiveness

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 22 April 2016

When neanderthal footballer Ched Evans was found guilty of rape back in 2012 it seemed to me that the evidence was wafer thin and that this was a miscarriage of justice as I noted after his release HERE. But after the verdict, it was clearly right he served time. However I was appalled that wankers like David Cameron and Nick Clegg sought to win votes by barring him from plying his trade after release which happened in October 2014.

Ched has indeed been unable to earn a living since his release but today his conviction has been quashed following new evidence and there will be a new trial. If Ched gets off he will be very angry about losing four years of earnings - given how short is a soccer players career. But he should be especially livid about how Cameron et al ensured that he could not work after release while stressing how vital it was that others are rehabilitated after serving time.

Quite simply, in a sordid quest for popularity Cameron, Clegg and others used Ched as a political football denying him his basic rights. I wrote at the time how awful that was and surely, after today's news, even slippery Call Me Dave must realise how appallingly he behaved.

Will he, Clegg and any of the other politicians and celebs who used Ched Evans as a cheap way to curry favour with an angry mob back in 2012, now do the decent thing now and apologise for their quite appalling behaviour.

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