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Project Fear lie number 185: Brexit fears caused UK unemployment to increase in March

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 24 April 2016

If something good happens to the economy Dodgy Dave Cameron and team Project Fear tell us that it is thanks to the EU. If something bad happens it is down to fear of Brexit on June 23. And the media just laps up the lies. That brings us to unemployment in the UK which rose in March by 21,000 to 1.7 million. 31 million folks are in work. The increase is therefore just over 0.05% of the workforce , in other words tiny and possibly even seasonal to some degree, but the press bought the line that it was down to businesses not investing in jobs on Brexit fears.

One or two journalists had the decency to add that it might also have been caused at least in bit by the world economy slowing. But they clearly did not think that one through did they?

Yes the world economy is slowing so we saw poor jobs news from across the globe last month with China alone announcing that six million state workers in coal and iron and elsewhere were going to get P45s. In the US the unemployment rate rose from 4.9% to 5%. And those were the brightspots. In Brazil and most of the EU the P45s were flying.

So I put it to you: unemployment is increasing in the US, Brazil and China (as well as in the zombie Eurozone), is that because:

a) employers there are postponing hires becuase they are nervous about Brexit?
b) the world economy is slowing.

it is almost certain that the answer is b. Folks in North Dakota, Fujian Province or Sao Paulo have not got a scoobie who or what Boris Johnson is, what Brexit is all about or - in the case of North Dakota - where Europe actually is.

And thus Dodgy Dave and the media want you to believe that unemployment rose across the world in March 2016 and while, in nearly all countries that was because the world economy was slowing, in the UK alone, the slowing world economy was not responsible for a microscopic rise in unemployment, it was down to Brexit fears.

The line spun by Project Fear is - if one looks at hard data - just palpable nonsense. Yet the media does not bother with hard data it just bought the spin. Plus ca change.


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