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Murder is fine as long as the murderess is a sweet 12 year old and the victims are wicked evil Jews: anti-semitism is the new cool

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 28 April 2016

The loathsome Daily Mail has a new pin up, Gaza born Dima al-Wawi. She looks really sweet and the headline shouts out:

Hugs, tears and the haunted face of a 12-year-old girl broken by jail: The moment the youngest Palestinian to be imprisoned by Israel is freed after being locked up for two months for carrying a knife near a Jewish settlement

Broken by jail. Those wicked fucking Jews how low can they sink? Lock up = Bastards. Those fucking Jews, they are the new Nazis. Oh the knife?

It seems that Dima was not only near a Jewish settlement but actually heading towards it - she was stopped at the gate by a security guard and a local resident who did not shoot the wannabee murderer but merely stopped her. As she handed over the knife she fessed up - she was there to kill a Jew. Any Jew would have done. They are all vermin don't you know.

The village little Dima wanted to start cleansing is called Karmel Tsur, a place of 750 souls, noted as the hamlet where Dr Shmuel Gillis, an English born medic was shot to death by local Palestinians in a particularly savage attack in 2001.

Dima's family must be glad to have her back after the wicked evil Jews let her out after just eight weeks. Had she been shot in her attempt to kill Jews, they would have been able to tell the Daily Mail about how the wicked Jews gunned down their kid and they would have got a vast handout from the Hamas run authority, a handout funded by vast EU grants of aid. So maybe her making it back was a bit of a mixed blessing for the Jew hating al-Wawi family? No lottery win this week for them, time to send out the 14 year old brother wearing a suicide vest to go catch a bus in Jerusalem. No need to get a round ticket.

Now imagine that some 12 year old black kid in South London had been wandering towards a luxury yuppie block - or as it might be termed a "white settlement" - with a knife in his hand and admitted that he want to kill a yuppie. When he was released back onto the streets after eight weeks the Daily Mail would go ballistic.

But anti-semitism is the new cool in Britain today and, sadly, across Europe. It is the socially acceptable form of racism. It is terrifying. At this rate, with the Mail running shameful hate articles such as this, I guess its going to be time to dust off those old yellow stars before too long.

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