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Brexit - which Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was lying?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 13 May 2016

Jumped up Canadian pipsqueak Mark Carney, the grotesquely overpaid Governor of the Bank of England has again intervened in the Brexit debate but this begs the question, which Mark Carney was lying? I bring you two quotes;

2014 "Struggling eurozone poses biggest threat to UK recovery" - Mark Carney
2016 "Brexit slowdown could lead to recession" - Mark Carney

So less than two years ago the biggest threat to the UK economy was the fact that our pals in Euroland were struggling. Two years on they are actually struggling even more yet oddly the UK has grown very happily. But now we are told that not being part of the EU (with whom we run a balance of payments deficit) could lead to recession, not being shackled to the zombie is the danger.

Make up your mind Carney -which of these two statements is a lie? Actually it is probably both.

Carney's analysis is so dreadful at every level that he shows he is a fully paid up member of Project Fear. He is not independent and should just feck off back to Canada, a country that does well enough despite not being part of a political union with its continental neighbours.

For starters the EU is struggling because across that zone there are in place anti business supply side laws which stunt growth. We do not have such measures in place in the UK but the EU wants us to. The EU is the biggest threat to our economy in that respect. Europe's woes have been exacerbated by the fact that the Euro is not working. Most of those arguing for Project Fear also told the "little people" of Britain that it would be a catastrophe if the UK did not join the Euro. They were wrong then they are wrong now.

Finally Carney says the slowdown in the UK economy is down to Brexit fears. If something bad is happening blame it on Brexit. But there is also slowdown in the US, across Asia, in China and in Australia and South America. is that all down to Brexit? Gosh that Michael Gove is really powerful is he not? Bloody Priti Patel look how she has crashed the Brazilian economy. That Boris Johnson has really screwed up the US Non Farm payroll data.

Carney is living in a fantasy world. The global economy is slowing and the UK slows with it. To blame our woes on Brexit and ascribe nothing to the global slowdown affecting every other country on this planet is just pitiful analysis.

Carney is not fit for purpose.

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