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Orlando - an American liberal "its all about Trump" - don't these idiots have any values?

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 12 June 2016

Sitting in the bar in my hotel here in Kardimili Greece an American woman in her late 20s looked at her mobile device and says "Oh my God, Orlando, 50 dead." She is a few hours off the newsflow so I I helpfully pipe that it was an Islamic attack.

"How do they know?" she bites back. Oh shite. I have met a liberal with utterly distorted values. Though she uses the word God she is almost certainly a non believer but is praying hard as we speak that the killer is a white Christian American who hates gays. Then she can pin this all on Republicans, the Religious Right, US gun laws and Donald Trump.

But I guess the fact that this liberal has not spoken to God in many years and insists on celebrating the anniversary of his son's birth by saying "Happy Holidays" means that the old guy is not listening to her today. For I am able to counter " His parents are from Afghanistan, he is called Omar Mateen, he called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS before going in for the kill during which time he was heard to be praying in arabic." I reckon that might shut her up.

But no...she blames America's gun laws not the chap who used the gun. Surely even a liberal knows that guns don't fire themselves? So I counter that terrorists get hold of guns in Europe but our cops don't normally carry firearms so if this had hapened in a gay bar in an equivalent British City many more would have died. I say that i am thankful your cops carry guns as that saved lives.

I do not add - but think to myself - that I wish this had happened in Texas becuase in that state some of the customers would almost certainly have been "waering" and the death toll would have been far lower.

It is clear at this point that we are now going to bond as soul mates so she turns to her companion and says loudly that what she "cant bear about this is how Donald Trump and his followers will go on about Moslems."

I bite my lip and say nothing more to this liberal bitch. What I can't bear about this is that there are more than fifty of her fellow citizens lying dead just because they were gay. That is what is unbearable surely? It is innocent men and women being butchered. Whether it is innocent gays slaughtered in Florida or innocent music lovers slaughtered in Paris it is all unbearable. Surely even a liberal must regard this as the most unbearable thing about this.

Mr Trump may well raise the fact that this attack was by a supporter of an organisation that defines itself in terms of its Moslem faith. As were the attacks on 9/11 or in Paris or Madrid or in London on 7/7 as was the genocide and mass rapes of Yazidis in Iraq. There is a common thread. We in the West have a problem that we are under attack not by all Moslems but by Terrorist groups who are all Moslems and who attack in the name of Islam. That the fucking liberals cannot accept that and regard anyone raising this issue as the thing they can't bear, as opposed to the slaughter orf their innocent countrymen and countrywomen, just shows how twisted and debauched sections of the liberal intelligentsia have become.

Donald Trump did not cause the attack in Orlando. It was nothing to do with the right of Americans to carry firearms. Redical Islam does not need guns to kill people it is quite happy to use the bomb or the knife. This attack shows that the State can no longer keep us safe from those who have declared war on us and on our freedoms. If anything Orlando strengthens the argumemnt that, across the West, we should be allowed to carry firearms to protect ourselves.

But those debates are for another day. What I cant bear as I head to my bed is that the death toll is still rising. More and more mothers and fathers are even now being told that their kids have predeceased them. That is unbearable. So, I am afraid, are sick and twisted liberal minds whose first thoughts are about anything other than the victims and their families.

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