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Should I back #KeepCorbyn ? Where is hashtag #VoteAngelaEagle ?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 25 June 2016

The loathsome Margaret Hodge has put down a motion of no confidence in comrade Corbyn as leader of our great Labour party. It is obscene that a millionare, whose family trusts use every trick in the book to dodge tax, and who as leader of Islington council branded as homophobes those who exposed the industrial scale peadophilia taking placing in Council homes on her watch, is a Labour MP at all. What message does that send out to the millions of traditional Labour voters who are abandoning the party in droves? Anyhow, the nonce apologist, is now playing Judas.

The legions of Blairite MPs in the Westminster bubble. no doubt wish to oust Corbyn but if they so so party members who backed the bearded one will be livid. #KeepCorbyn is trending on twitter. In any new contest ordinary rank and file comrades will again vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Naturally, having joined the people's party to do my bit to ensure that Comrade Corbyn led us forward in a manner that could only have one result, I too shall again support the great man. Unless that is....

Angela Eagle MP throws her hat in the ring. Her performances throughout the referendum were truly dismal. She was the only person to make the truly ghastly Amber Rudd appear like an engaging, thoughtful human being. She makes Corbyn seem like Winston Churchill. The sour paced, unpleasant woman talked poppycock in a manner so unconvincing that I am not sure that even she believed it.

I am beginning to think that Labour leaders are like Archbishops of Canterbury. As you reflect on how awful the current incumbent is you think longingly of the one before and begin to think that he was actually relatively good. Until the current incumbent quits and is replaced by someone even worse and the cycle repeats.

And thus you thought Blair was Godawful but then along came Brown and folks were clamouring to bring back the old war criminal. Then came Ed Miliband and suddenly Gordon Brown was being wheeled out as a great old elder statesman and vote winner. After Corbyn's next gaffe, I sense a few folks are will be starting to think that Ed did have a few good points. So let's give Angela Eagle a chance. As she leads the party to complete and utter oblivion folks will be looking back to the good old days under Corbyn.

Where do I sign up for #VoteAngelaEagle?

I add one caveat. I see that Amber Rudd is 25/1 to be the next Tory leader. In a contest where the Tories are led by Rudd and the People's Party by Eagle then the Lib Dem's and UKIP will be set for landslide gains.

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