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University Lecturers on strike again tomorrow - will anyone notice as the greedy bastards are even lazier than usual?

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 4 July 2016

The University lecturers are not happy with their pay offer and so will tomorrow again be withdrawing their labour. For many that will be a real pain as they will actually have to go to the campus in July, in order to signal their displeasure.

You can have a look at how much lecturers can earn in the tables HERE which the Union is too embarrassed to update. For a job with long vacations allowing you do do "research" on a beach of your choice and with total job security, it sure is worth working your way up the greasy pole is it not?

The current pay offer is 1.1% across the board with more for lower paid staff. Of course since many lecturers each year move up a grade or get promoted so jumping many grades that 1.1% figure is utterly meaningless - the reality is that the idle bastards are going to get another year of inflation busting rises. And they will get the same again next year.

Meanwhile in the private sector, as the UK is almost certain to head into recession, the next 12 months will see P45s, pay cuts and pay freezes. It will see firms going to the wall and folks losing their jobs in material numbers. The University Lecturers are immune from this. The pretend student loan scheme which will ultimately mean taxpayer funding as defaults rack up, means no lecturers will lose their job however bad the economy gets and however useless they are at lecturing. They will just get another inflation busting pay rise.

The fact that no-one has noticed the summer of discontent tells you a lot. Less than 40% of lecturers voted in the ballot. No doubt many of those who did vote want another ballot on the EU where the turnout was almost 70% but see no irony in their conflicted position.

Let the bastards keep on striking. As the long vacation starts the picket lines will disappear. After all who would want to break into twelve weeks in Tuscany to go into "the factory".

The lecturers demand parity with the private sector so let's make plans to sack 5% of them at random next year as the economy heads into a downturn. Now that would help fund higher education, I'd pay good money to see the game show where we get to see lecturers picked at random for a public sacking. Wouldn't you?

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