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Rafael Behr on the EU: The Guardian at its most pretentious and stupid

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 7 July 2016

The Sad Truth: Theresa May is bad, but the others are worse is the headline in the main opinion article in yesterday's Guardian. Author Rafael Behr urges Tory members to vote for May. His qualification for offering such advice is that he is a screaming lefty. A cat offers mice advice on personal safety. Behr is a star of the Guradin in that he is not only wrong on most issues, deriving his conclusions from prejudice as opposed to fact, but he is also a pretentious twat to boot. Thus he starts his piece on why Tories should vote for May on Europe, a subject where May disagrees with the vast majority of Tory party members and voters and 52% of the wider electorate

"Imagine Britain's membership of the European Union as a cat. The cat is seated in a box with an unstable radioactive element, "article 50". At some point the toxicity of A50 will kill the cat - an outcome that is confirmed by opening the box. But as long as the box is sealed, moggy is simultaneously dead and alive. This state is known as Schrodinger's EU membership after the Austrian physicist who desscribed something similar in 1935 to elucidate the mysteries of quantum mechanics".

At this point we are expected to say that Rafael is fecking brainy to know all about Schrodinger and his cat. You know Guardian writers are all fecking genii. After all not only did most of them go to posh public schools and Oxbridge but they all voted for Remain and as we know Remainers were clever while those of us who voted for Brexit were just thick and often racist as well. And so as night follows day, Article 50, the way the UK leaves the EU is seen as toxic and something that will kill Britain. That in Guardian la la land is just a given.

Back in the real world we see that, amid a new banking crisis in Italy, Europe's largest bank (Deutsche from Germany) is also teetering today. Economic growth in the Eurozone has been negative to negligible for months before Brexit was an issue. It is an ageing economic zombie, run by a corrupt political, media and business class which is loathed by ordinary folks across Europe. We, the plebs, are tired of a project which empowers and enriches the elite - including our posh well paid lefty comrades at the Guardian - but sees ordinary folks gain little or, in places such as Greece, Portugal and Spain, get utterly screwed.

And so back to the cat. Surely A50 is they key to a box which has itself become contaminated by radioactive and toxic elements. The cat has just taken a decision of its own free will and has used the key to do as it wishes and escape. How it fares on the oustide is not that it will be certain to be dead as Behr states. There are no facts and certainties here. The cat may thrive outside the box or it may not thrive, there is no certainty about what will happen to Britain outside the EU, only opinions. I concede my opinion may be wrong. Behr cannot see that possibility.

I would suggest that Tory voters who find themselves reading the dreadful Guardian should ignore advice from this loathsome rag and from Mr Behr on how to vote as he really does not have your best interests at heart. Moreover his dismal Schrodinger analogy showns him to be a pretentious fool. No wonder he has done so well at the Guardian.

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