Tuesday August 22, 2017
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Welfare Handouts a Livelihood, forgive me Lord I defend call Me Dave Cameron

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- Tom Winnifrith

Forgive me Dear Lord, for I am about to defend call Me Dave Cameron against the charge that he sounds like a Conservative. I know that he is not and that he will not do what he says but, and I cannot believe that I am writing this, he is attacked unfairly.

Call Me Dave apparently says that he plans to cut certain benefits as part of his valiant attempt to cut the deficit to prevent Britain going bankrupt. Blah, blah, blah. We have heard this all before. The facts are that government spending is increasing, spending on benefits is increasing and the deficit is out of control. Tax receipts will be lower than forecast, Britain is hurtling towards the 90% Debt to GDP ratio inflexion point at which point it becomes almost impossible for the economy to grow and for all the rhetoric about the wicked Tories and from the wicked Tories nothing has changed on that score. And so I more or less ignore Call Me Dave’s promise to cut certain benefits. It is worth as little as a Nick Clegg promise.

But the reaction from certain folk on the left was just astounding. The talk was of how cutting benefits would threaten the “livelihood” of some people. Do these cretins really think that living on benefits is a career? Benefits are meant to be a safety net. When folks start to believe that the State actually has a moral responsibility to support people from the cradle to the grave without them ever having to get off their arse we are in deep trouble. I think we are in deep trouble.


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