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Coventry city councillors united against racism and hate crimes...and this changed what exactly?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 22 July 2016

Some free speech denying moron has decided to shut me down by signing me up to receive, by email, every press release issued by dozens of local councils and quangos across the UK. Oddly I am grateful. It is actually rather illuminating to see just how local authorities deprived of cash by the evil Tories find so many ways to spunk their budget on utter piffle. And so on July 13th I discovered that Coventry City Council was united against racism. Well I never. A Labour run Council opposes Xenophobia. Wow.

Before we go the year ended April 2015, the 46 members of Coverntry City Council cost the greateful folks of slum City £928,852.04 in allowances and expenses. But they are clearly working hard in way that really improves the City. So the release - crafted by an expensive PR officer states:

Coventry city councillors have united in the Council Chamber in a vow to work with partners to fight racism and xenophobia in the city. There was unanimous support for a strongly worded statement debated by councillors at yesterday’s Full Council meeting condemning racism, xenophobia and hate crimes in Coventry.

Coventry City Council Leader, Cllr George Duggins, said: “The Council spoke as one on this issue and the debate was one of the most powerful and important many of us have ever experienced in the Council Chamber.

Hmmm. What is a debate? In Coventry it appears to be person after person standing up to agree with each other as they are "united". Debates at Coventry City Council must be like debates at the North Korean Peoples Assembly. Not exactly confrontational.

I am delighted that no Councillor in Coventry stood up to speak in favour of racism, xenophobia and hate crimes but not exactly surprised It would be really hard to find anyone in Britain in favour of such a motion unless, of course, one was polling Labour activists and the hate crimes in question were against the wicked Jews.

Natch, the debate was prompted by those nasty racists who voted for Brexit. Council leader Comrade Duggins opined

"Like many other people I have been alarmed by the reports of an increase in hate crimes across the country since the referendum...I believe it’s really important that as politicians we stand as one and tell the world that Coventry does not tolerate racism, hate crime or xenophobia.
Hmmmm. Reports eh? So no hard empirical evidence just what Comrade councillor read in the Guardian that morning, more anecdotal evidence.

And is it "really important" that half-witted expenses grubbing councillors in Coventry waste taxpayers money on a debate where they all agree with each other and then publicise the fact? Does that make Coventry less racist? Does it improve life in Coventry at all? Why do the political class think we care what they think or think that what they deem important is what we deem important?

Surely the real message of Brexit is that more and more of us hate the lot of them. By them I mean politicians not immigrants.

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