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Trump surges to four point lead post Cleveland - Beltway media calls it wrong again

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 26 July 2016

The Beltway based liberal media and the imported Brits on the BBC got it wrong again. They thought the Republican convention went badly. They thought Mrs Trump was a disaster - they were wrong, she won fans. They thought lyin' Ted Cruz hurt Trump but no-one cared what the mendacious egomaniac said. The media thought Trump's message was dark. But Trump spoke to an America that the elite has ignored and he spoke their language. And thus having been trailing crooked Hillary by a couple of points he now leads in the polls by up to 4 points.

Of course conventions are meant to give you a poll boost but the liberal media talked down the GOP affair in Cleveland. They just called it wrong again. Just like they have called Trump's campaign wrong all along. Now the circus moves to Philadelphia where the big question is whether the Dems will get a poll bounce too. All they need is to rally united behind crooked Hillary and not act too crazy er....

The emails showing that the DNC helped crooked Hillary steal the primaries from Bernie Sanders leave a divided party even more divided. As I have pointed out before, the sub 40% of Republicans who voted non Trump are nearly all voting Trump in the fall. But c20% of the nearly 50% of Dems who voted Sanders in the primaries are also swinging to Trump.

And that number could grow. Already it is evident that in Philadelphia, very few Dem activists really like Clinton. She enthuses very few outside ageing feminists and sixties children from the rich coastal liberal elites.

But the latest email scandal is worse. The media wants to tell the great unwashed that this will blow over. "Move along little people we know best" It won't because it highlights Clinton's achilles heel: trust. Or rather lack of it. It is another dodgy, crooked mess where the Clintons are involved. Melania Trump's speech "disaster" was a media invention. Evidence of more crooked Clinton activities is real and will hurt.

The one stat about Hillary that you should never forget is that in every campaign she has fought her poll ratings have always gone down during the campaign. The more folks learn about Hillary the less they like her. If the Dems leave Philly either behind or with a tiny lead that will not be enough.

You have to be in your mid forties to remember the name Whitewater. And most of us who can remember the name cant remember why it showed that Hillary is indeed crooked or, at best, not someone you can be sure that you trust. You can bet your bottom dollar that by the time of the General Election, the GOP will have made sure that every American over 18 will know why Whitewater matters and how Hillary behaved so badly defending a CEO who banged his intern, by branding the poor young woman, Monica Lewinsky, a slut. And there is much more where that came from.

One of the liberal commentators one the BBC was suggesting tonight that until recently Hillary was like a soccer team playing defensive as they tried to protect a 2-1 lead with 15 minutes to go. The problem is that in all her past contests Hillary has gone into the second half leading 10-1 but has still ended up losing or winning by just one goal. This time she has no lead at all to protect.

The liberal media still cannot accept the idea that Trump may well win. They will still be calling it for crooked Hillary even as the Chief Justice stands opposite The Donald on Innauguaration Day next January. And as things stand that outcome looks increasingly likely.

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