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St Etienne: Nearly all Moslems are NOT evil terrorists BUT...the BBC still wont admit the truth

Tom Winnifrith
Tuesday 26 July 2016

Today's European Islamist atrocity is in France sees two Moslem attackers storm a church in St Etienne shout the usual words about Allah, cut off the head of an 86 year old priest who was performing mass and then take some nuns and worshippers hostage. After four attacks in Germany and now two in France in just 12 days, just about everyone in a now terrified Europe now accepts that there is a problem. Everyone except our State broadcasters and political elite that is.

On the BBC news last night after four horrific attacks in German in a week the BBC's halfwitted reporter noted "and Germany asks is there is a connection?" Well how about all the attackers were all Moslems? It might just be a remarakable coincidence but that will do me for starters as an initial line of enquiry.

He went on to note that many Germans are questioning the standards of mental health provision in their country. Really? Does he really expect us to believe that this is the main thing that ordinary krauts are concerned about? They are not perhaps now wondering whether letting in hundreds of thousands of young men from hotbeds of Islamofascism without any papers was the smartest move?

The BBC reporter is living in a dream world. But he is not alone. On the BBC world news this morning we were told "After machete attack, are Syrian refugees getting the mental-health care they need?" The more the BBC portrays the moslem community as the victims of this wave of terror the more the anger and resentment of ordinary folks across Europe will increase.

Once again I wonder when will the BBC accept that the statement below is not pure racism just a statement of fact?

"Nearly all Moslems are strongly opposed to acts of violent terror in Europe today. However nearly all acts of violent terror in Europe today are committed by Moslems."

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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