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BBC Radio 4 "celebrates" global warming - naturally it ignores all the facts

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 27 July 2016

This morning the BBC's flagship Today programme on radio 4 came up with a report flagging up the lack of sea ice at the North Pole as more evidence of climate change or, as it likes to say when the sun is out but not when other weather types are on show, global warming. Sadly the facts about Arctic Sea ice do not bear up what the BBC says but so what? It is only YOUR cash via the regressive poll tax that is the license fee that pays for Pravda.

The Beeb states: "Every summer the ice in the Arctic retreats as the sea warms but in recent years the extent of the summer melt has been alarming scientists. Dr Ed Blockley is head of Met Arctic monitoring programme."

Aha the widely discredited, global warming nutter infested, taxpayer funded Met Office whose predictions on climate change in the UK have been all wrong. Yes that Met Office.

Anyhow Ed is still worried and the BBC was happy to put on an expert in support of its religion. Sadly it could not get a second expert from the Bristol based ship of fools who, as reported here last week, had headed up North worried about the lack of sea ice. It was then trapped by sea ice up North.

Well the facts are here. The record low for sea ice was 2012 - well record low since satellite imaging started so probably not lower than during the medieval warm period or several other lows but that is an inconvenient truth. If the global warming nutters thesis about rapid short term loss of sea ice was factually correct then 2013, 2014,, 2015 & 2016 would have seen further sea ice declines. In fact they have not.

This year is almost as bad as 2012 but then it is an El Nino year making the Northern hemisphere seas warmer so it bloody well ought to be. Ceteris paribus, if the nutters were correct about ice declines being an established trend if one also throws in El Nino then 2016 would be far worse than 2012.

But in fact 2016 still sees more sea ice than 2012. All the facts tend to show that there is NO long term trend towards sea ice retreating. But why let facts ( that is historic data on things that have happened) spoil the fun of a bogus religion? Indeed, the BBC and its overpaid presenters have got to spend OUR money somehow.

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