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Are you a guilty white liberal who wants to self flagellate to atone for the sins of your ancestors?

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 29 July 2016

Do you read the papers every day feeling guilty about your white privilege? Obviously that means that you are not a working class person living in a rust belt town with no job but a liberal with a good education living in metropolitan luxury. But you keep telling those unemployed folks that they enjoy privilege and need to pay up for it. Then go tweet about what a bigot Donald Trump is.

But you are worried that the Democrats are so beholden to Wall Street that they will not raise taxes for the really rich (like you). It is, after all , better to punish those privileged white folks in the rust belt again. But still you think the Government should take more money away from folks who have worked hard to earn it. That is because the Government spends it so wisely. Hey, more cash for Hillary to go send some poor kids off to have their legs blown off in the Middle East with a dumbass war. What a good idea.

So here's a way to get rid of that liberal guilt and make some reparations direct to the poor people of colour. Over to the excellent Zero Hedge which explains:

Last week, a new website was launched which establishes a marketplace whereby white people can pay reparations to "people of color" for their years of oppression. The site was started by Natasha Marin, a conceptual artist, who says that the website began as a social media experiment on Facebook on July 15, 2016. The about page of the website clarifies how people should utilize the site:

I invite People of Color to ask for what we need to feel better, be happier, be more productive by posting in this space. These may be both material and immaterial requests.

I invite people who identify as White to offer services or contributions to People of Color in need of time, energy, substantive care, and support.
Just so there isn't any confusion, Natasha provides examples:

POC 1: I need a massage. This week.
White Person 1: [posts Groupon with code for redemption]

POC2: I need therapy. I can spend $10 a session.
White Person 2: [posts contact information to a therapist who they have made arrangements with.]

POC 3: I need groceries.
White Person 3: "I'll get them for you. PM me and I'll send an Amazon Fresh or Safeway delivery. You just pick out what you want. I have a $200 limit."

POC 4: I'm too upset to make dinner. I live in Seattle.
White Person 4: "Come over to my house for dinner, bring a friend if you like. PM me and I'll send you the address, or can I order delivery to you? What kind of food do you like?"

POC 5: I need a quiet place to work on _________.
White Person 5: "I have an office, spare room, house, that will be unoccupied on the following dates, would you like to use that space? I can send pictures ..."

POC 6: I want to scream and cuss at someone.
White Person 6: "I volunteer as tribute. How do we set this up?"

POC 7: I want to escape this cruel world in a *Specific Videogame* but can't afford it on Steam right now. This is not a crisis, I just don't trust people easily and want to see if this works.
White Person 7: Thank you for giving me the chance to do something concrete and relatively easy. I was quietly hating myself for doing nothing.


One suspects that Natasha is still gushing about Michelle Obama's speech on Monday but can get back to work this weekend offering to do some conceptual art in the ghetto to say sorry for slavery.

The decadence of the Western liberal mind knows no bounds. As I read this I once again conclude that as a society we are well and truly doomed.

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