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The Liberal media creams itself over Michelle Obama...they still don't get it

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 27 July 2016

I hate to admit it but I really like Michelle Obama. I do not normally go for left wing women, other than my wife and Abbe, who broke my teenage heart before becoming a lesbian, but Michelle is not only not bad looking but she also comes over as funny (very unusual among those on the left) and a warm sort of human being. I really can't say a bad word about her other than that she is married to the ghastly President hopey change. Yet the idea that her speech at the Democratic convention was transformational and inspiring was just another liberal media piece of fiction.

Talk of how slaves built the house where Michelle now lives will have enthused white liberals who mainline on guilt about the time before a Republican President ended slavery. It will have appealed to black voters, whose mood is justifiably angry after recent shootings, but last time around 98% of them voted Dem anyway. That block is largely in the bag.

Then there wasa claim about Hillary Clinton was making it possible for a woman to be President. There will be some hardline feminists who will buy into that. But against a pro life Republican, given how many negatives there are about Hillary that claim was a bit OTT. How many women must wish that the first woman running for President was anyone other than Hillary? But heck the liberal media bought Michelle's line anyway.

Then there was the attack on those who dare to say that American is not great, i.e. Donald Trump. If you are in the liberal media America is great. Your house or condo in New York, DC or LA has soared in value as has your portfolio of stocks. Your job is not being exported, you feel rich, oooh do order me an extra skinny organic latte with a twist of fair trade cinnamon please. And there is no chance that your kids will see the only way out as joining the army only to return home in a body bag or with their legs missing. Sure Michelle, rich liberals at the convention or in the media think that America is great. Yeah make that a low fat, gluten free, organic damson and mulberry muffin made with ingredients from the workers co-operative in Nicaragua.

But vast numbers of your fellow citizens live in a different America and it is a dark place for all the reasons you are just not experiencing..And those citizens are listening to a man who seems to realise that or at least claims to realise that and talks about it. And that is why The Donald is streets ahead among white working class folks, in the flyover states and will also score better among black voters than any Republican in 30 years - however many times the liberals smear him as a racist. Don't tell the liberals but a lot of black voters are aspirational and do not want to live in a ghetto in the warm and dependent embrace of an ever bigger state.

After the speech Clinton got a brief and tiny bounce in the polls as folks were told by the liberal media that Michelle had delivered an inspirational speech. Then they listened to the actual speech and they realised that media had just lied again, the status quo class just hugged each other and shouted out values many in American loathe more with every day that goes by. America also reflected that while Michelle is lovely, come the fall the Dem they will have to vote for is the charmless and dishonest crooked Hillary. And so three days into the convention Hillary's poll ratings are even worse than at the start of the show - she trails Trump not by 4 but by 7 points.

The liberal media screams "that was not meant to happen". Michelle was inspirational. Mad Bernie is onside and we are united. Conventions always see a poll bounce as folks get to know more about the candidate. The trouble is that the more folks got to know about Trump and his charming Mrs last week, the more they liked them - despite what the media said. The more folks get to learn about crooked Hillary and her co-conspirators in the DNC this week the more they mistrust and dislike them.

And that ain't going to change. Hillary and the media gushed today about glass ceilings being broken and history being made. In real America no-one cares. Hillary is a charmless woman who no-one trusts and what will keep her out of the White House is not a glass ceiling but the fact that she is a crook leading an out of touch party.

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