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Bugger me, I'm gutted for Nicola Sturgeon as poll shows Scots want to stay in the UK despite Brexit

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 30 July 2016

The poisonous midget and Jimmy Krankie lookalike Nicola Sturgeon is, this morning, spitting out her porridge as a poll shows that post Brexit most Scots want to stay part of the UK. Bugger. I was so much looking forward to the midget leading her nation of whinging welfare junkies to glorious independence. I am, perhaps, even more gutted than Jimmy Krankie by this news.

Like all humourless lefties, the Sturgeon view of referenda is that they are great. Either folks vote the right way or you just have another one later until they vote the right way. In the end the sans culottes will do what the establishment tells them to do. And the Scottish establishment is, these days, united in its belief in an independent Scotland spending as much as it can with funds picked from the branches of the Money Tree.

Sadly, in the poll out today which goes against everything the media establishment has told us, 53% of Scots now oppose independence and given the choice of being in a UK outside the EU or a Scotland in it, 55% of Scots would rather back the Act of Union than the European Union. As such it seems that we will have to carry on with the status quo of England and Wales subsidising a nation where 88% of adults are net takers from the state and where the national pastimes are welfare addiction , heroin addiction, moaning about the English and supporting Germany or Argentina when they play England at any sport.

Forever, some of my taxes will go on ensuring that Scottish welfare addicts get to have extra helping of deep fried Mars bars for breakfast and spending on an NHS which easily outpaces that in England. I am gutted. I thought Brexit was a win win. It was fuck off Brussels and fuck off Scotland too but it seems that the peasants North of the Border now twig what an economic disaster that would be for them.

Bugger. And bugger again. I don't suppose there is any chance of a referendum in England on whether we might get our independence and tell the smelly socks where to stick it?

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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