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The false maths of the PreP pill - mad gay liberals will kill gay men & the NHS

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 3 August 2016

If men want to have sex with each other I have no problem with it. If they want to get married to each other I support their right to do so. After all why should hetrosexuals be the only ones to suffer. But a High Court ruling yesterday means that you and I and all the other taxpayers are going to be forking out vast amounts to subsidise the lifestyle choices of a vocal, and well supported, minority. And that minority will suffer disastrous health consequences as a result.

That is to say the NHS is now obliged to hand out, on demand, PrEP pills which if taken daily will reduce the risk of one becoming HIV positive by up to 92% if you have sex with someone who is HIV positive. In other words it is far less effective than a condom or indeed restricting your sexual partners to those you know have been tested and not shagging anyone who is up for it.

The powerful, well funded darling of the metropolitan elite, lobby for gay equality has demanded that PrEP pills be handed out freely to those who want them by the NHS and has secured a High Court ruling that this must happen. The argument here is that gay men have a "right" to shag who they want with the state picking up the tab ( £400 a month) to keep them HIV safe. But of course these pills will not do that. They only work in 92% of cases ( source, the Centre for Disease Control) but by encouraging more gay men to have unprotected sex with folks they have not checked out you will get plenty of folks still being infected. 8% of a larger number of folks having unprotected sex, will almost certainly be more than 1% of a smaller number. Condoms are 98-99% effective in stopping HIV transmission via anal sex.

And of course more folks having unprotected anal sex but using PrEP pills will mean a surge in the spread of other STDs .

The Gay lobby argues that dishing out these pills will see fewer folks getting HIV and since the lifetime cost of treating HIV is c£400,000 this is a great way of saving money. That clearly is not the case at all. Dishing out PrEP pills will almost certainly see far more gay men having unprotected sex and with that 8% failure rate ( as opposed to 1-2% for condoms) that will see more gay men getting HIV and Aids.

But in mad liberal Airstrip One we are not allowed to argue with this all powerful lobby as it cites human rights. If I developed a pill which if taken daily would allow folks to smoke and be 92% less likely to get lung cancer can you imagine a demand for that pill to be handed out free of charge to protect the human rights of smokers? Of course not.

The real irony of this is that as the gay lobbyists bleat about human rights of gay men, more gay men will end up HIV positive as a result of what is happening. And the NHS, which cannot afford all sorts of things, will pick up the tab for this madness with post the pills and the lifetime treatment of those infected because of the 8% failure rate.

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