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I just could not watch Schindler's List - not sure what is happening

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 31 August 2016

As the world seems to becomes a more beastly place by the day I somehow thought that I should be becoming more resilient to scenes of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. ISIS atrocities which a few years ago would have seemed too much to stomach are now somehow just routine. Yeah, so what if the kids cutting heads of prisoners were only 11 or were 75, nothing is new, nothing can shock.

But then I saw Schindler's list was on TV. I have visited Schindler's grave in Jerusalem. I saw the film when it came out. I have watched it since. But I tried to watch it this week and just could not manage it. So barbaric were the scenes I just fund myself switching back to whatever crap was on BBC 2 just to avoid the horror.

I have no idea what has come over me or what has changed in me. It somehow stiffens my resolve to visit Auschwitz. It has been my intention for many years but I have never been brave enough. The Mrs is not so keen on going so it will probably be a solo trip although there was a plan that my daughter's god-mother and her brother, who lost most of their family back in Poland during the holocaust, might make a visit and that I would tag along. early resolution for 2017, its time to pluck up courage. Meanwhile my cowardice in front of the TV puzzles me.

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