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Emily Thornberry - the default mechanism of a cornered lefty: scream "xxxism!"

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 12 September 2016

Emily Thornberry is a rich fat slug living in a multi million pound Islington townhouse who sneers at folks living in chavtastically decorated former council houses and who work hard in the productive part of the economy driving white vans. Ms Thornberry is a state funded parasite whose vast wages are paid by white van man, by you and I. She is entitled to her snobbish views although it might seem a tad ungrateful to those who pay her wages. It is also rank hypocrisy since Emily is a front bench spokesperson for the party that claims to support the working man, the Labour Party. That gaffe was last year's foot in mouth.

Her new brush with the headlines results from an interview on Sky News in which she failed to name the French Foreign Minister. She them demanded that she be asked about Korea instead and then failed to name the new PM in South Korea. To be honest I know that the leader of the South Koreans is a woman but that is about it and as for the froggie I have not got a scooby. I suspect that less than 1% of us could name either the frog or the dog eater.

But then again Ms Thornberry is meant to be Labour's foreign affairs spokesperson. So I'd hope she knows a bit about this sort of thing than you and I. But I - and most folks - would have laughed it off if she admitted that she could not remember. It would have been an incident forgotten in days. In fact sooner. Within hours we would again have been focussing on the big issues for Labour: the seating plan for Owen Smith's tea party with ISIS, celebrating all the triumphs of Jeremy Corbyn's year in charge or awaiting the next Keith Vaz rent boy scandal.

Instead Ms Thornberry reacted as all liberal left folks do when cornered. Don't know the answer? Losing the argument? Lock down in default mode and accuse your opponent or interviewer of being a racist/sexist/ homophobe - delete as applicable. It has been working for years. So terrified are we all of being branded a bigot, even by a silly woman like Emily, that we all back down at once, begging forgiveness for having asked too tough a question or having dared challenge something such as the need to kill first born sons in order to promote an equality agenda.

Unfortunately for Emily she is just so silly and has got such appalling form for being an all round arse that for once the default attack/defence mode has not worked and, rightly, she is being widely ridiculed.

Now can we get back to the loathsome toad Vaz as, after years of pious sanctimony oozing from every pore, he gets his comeuppance. Laughing at Thornberry is just not so entertaining.

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