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The bloated state and the pampered rich in bankrupt Britain - the whites who say BlackLivesmatter

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 18 September 2016

Lardbucket welfare slut Emma Lawlor, who was featured earlier HERE, is a despicable parasite demonstrating that the welfare state is failing. But, at least, she can say that she was born into an area where life on benefits is deemed normal. There can be no such excuse for the parasites born into privilege. I refer as a case in point to the nine "activists" arrested last week campaigning for BlackLivesMatter and against the racism of climate change by disrupting London City Airport. Judge, Elizabeth Roscoe, noted how they were all white. I note something else.

The ringleader Natalie Geraldine Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes ( no kidding) lives with mummy and daddy in a £2 million town-house in posh Clapham. She studied a worthless joint discipline at the LSE ( English Lit and Sociology) and does a bit of babysitting. In that she does a bit of work in the private sector that makes her unusual.

The only two others in that camp are Esme Waldron ( posh girls school, University of Sussex liberal arts) who is an expert on lesbians and makes films and William Pettifer who works on an organic farm and says that he is "plotting the downfall of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy". William has a very rich daddy who is a businessman, so I guess knows a bit about capitalist patriarchy.

The other six all appear to have money behind them and all appear to have enjoyed doling pointless liberal arts degrees at University. Since none of them are earning anything one can take it that they will not be paying back their student loans. Nor, I guess, will Natalie Geraldine Twistleton-Wykeham Fiennes or Pettifer Junior since they won't be earning enough. I am not sure how much Esme Waldron  earns for making documentaries about lesbians.

These folks thus enjoyed a privileged start in life, suck resources from the state and now, no doubt supported by various payments from the welfare state, engage in a life designed to disrupt those of us forced to engage in actual work to pay taxes. I suspect that the "BLM white nine" despise me and all other wicked folks who are self employed and capitalists. They probably have a particular, Emmily Thornberry, I'm very rich, type, disdain for those who drive white vans to earn an honest living.

I despise Emma Lawlor and her ilk but for the white, upper middle class liberal brats of the latest BLM outburst thee can be nothing but outright contempt. They should know better. And with a Government still running a deficit of £60 billion a year, can there be any excuse at all if a cent of taxpayers cash goes to support these folks? There can be none. But is it happening? You bet it is...

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