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Why are the liberals not demanding a ban on pressure cookers yet? Ref Ahmad Khan Rahami

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 19 September 2016

Every time there is a shooting in the US the liberal elite demands a ban on guns. That is even when a good guy with a gun shoots the bad guy to prevent deaths. But the terror attacks in New York and New Jersey at the weekend did not involve guns: the most lethal weapon used by Ahmad Khan Rahami was a pressure cooker. Hell's teeth the US must ban pressure cookers now. Surely liberals can show logical consistency on this issue?

Or perhaps they are still flip flopping from the weekend. The Mayor of New York insisted it was not a terror attack, until it was agreed that it was. Then the experts told us all that it was another lone wolf incident. Until it was clear it was not. For a while we stupid ignorant folks outside the elites were told by the bien pensants that it was lone wolves acting together.  Whatever.

Meanwhile Donald Trump was lanbasted for suggestintg that it was a bombing. Becuase it was in fact a bombing. Some truths really are inconvenient.

Now finally a co-ordinated series of attacks in one area is agreed to be a terrorist act carried out by a Muslim guy working for an organisation abroad. Jeepers what odds could I have got on that one 36 hours ago?

Now that we have cleared that up can we get back to banning pressure cookers to make America safe again?

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