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Is Hillary Clinton going to come clean on her health issues? Key rally dropout

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 21 September 2016

Yesterday Crooked Hillary Clinton was set to do a fund raising event in North Carolina. That is a swing state which she really must win if she is going to win the Presidency and right now the local polls show Trump in the lead and surging and the wicked witch sinking. And so you would have thought that the last thing that Mrs Clinton would do is pull out of such an event at the last minute.

But she did. She did not look that well at a rally in Pennsylvania the day before but the mainstream media and liberal elites keep telling us that on 11 September Hillary just had a brief bout of pneumonia and that she is better now and that only mad right wing bloggers suggest anything else.

The polls suggest that the American people do not buy that narrative one bit. It may well be that Hillary had a perfectly good reason for a last minute pull out from a key event. Perhaps she had a key assignment crop up from a Mid East Government which had donated $10 million to the Clinton Foundation? Maybe she caught Bill in bed with another bimbo? Whatever. Most Americans will reckon that the pullout was another sign of ill health and that the Dems have lied to them about how sick Hillary is.

As every day goes by Crooked Hillary becomes ever more unelectable. And the liberal media becomes more pained and visibly desperate. Don't you just love it?

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