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The State that knows Crooked Hillary Clinton best shows American the way: latest Arkansas polling sets 44 year record

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 23 September 2016

You have to be a truly useless candidate for President not to win your home state. Even folks who got thrashed at the electoral college level, such as Walter Mondale, got his neighbours to vote for him in Minnesota. Of course Crooked Hillary has no real home state. When in Dixie she tries to put on a southern drawl but when back home with her liberal millionaire pals in New York her tones become more clipped. But one state knows the Clintons better than anyone, Arkansas.

Old Bill was Governor there before he gained higher office and that was the place where Hillary had such fun with Whitewater and other matters. I accept that, given how solidly Republican the South is these days, winning Arkansas is a hard ask for the crooked one: Back in 2012 Romney was just under 24 points ahead of Obama although in the 1990s Bill Clinton did carry the state for the Dems.

So how is Hillary doing in the place they know her best? Er... an Emerson poll out last night shows Trump ahead by 28%. That would be the worst result for the Dems in Arkansas since 1972 when the utterly unelectable George McGovern, a Corbyn type figure in terms of electability, got thrashed nationally. To achieve the worst result in 44 years when you have the home town candidate is quite some achievement.

As I have noted before: the more folks get to know Hillary, the less they like her.

Incidentally there were three national polls out last night: two had Trump ahead one showed Clinton in the lead. It is tight but Trump has momentum and is trending higher, while the more that folks get to know Clinton...

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