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Will the BBC purge its tax dodging stars or is its wrath on tax evasion reserved for the private sector?

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 8 October 2016

The BBC, like the rest of the liberal media, has not held back in its anger directed towards those who have used cunning wheezes to avoid paying "their fair share" of taxes like the rest of us. Whether it be a wicked capitalist like Phil Green or an evil mega corporation such as Starbucks, the BBC has vented its wrath. So it will no doubt applaud the HMRC which seems to have netted a haul of more than 100 folks earning six figure salaries who have been dodging tax. I refer of course to many of the big names at er....the BBC.

The rank hypocrisy of the left is unbelievable. The BBC stars channelled their bloated earnings through Personal Service Companies which they owned. The effect was to reduce tax rates from 45% to 20%. If you work for many employers, you are a freelancer, using a PSC is legit but folks such as Fiona Bruce, Joanna Gosling, Emily Maitlis, Gavin Esler and Tim Willcox worked only for the BBC. By day they lead the peasants army, seeking to insult and attack the tax avoiders. By night they channelled their mega salaries through a PSC to slash their tax rate. Do they not see for a second how revolting their hypocrisy appears?

They do not. The BBCs sister publication The Guardian is even more pious on the subject of tax dodging notwithstanding the fact that it uses offshore wheezes to ensure that it never pays a cent in UK tax. It makes Starbucks and Google seem like generous donors to the Treasury.

The HMRC enquiry is in full swing. Should BBC stars be forced to repay tax I would hope that this would not be the end of the matter. If some poor wretched welfare dependent single mum on a slum estate can be prosecuted and jailed for a spot of benefits theft surely rich media stars who contrived to avoid tax should also be put before the beak? At the very least their employer - which of course colluded in this defrauding of the Treasury - should show where it stands and sack all of those involved.

Will it happen? Of course not. Whatever Theresa May says it is one rule for the privileged elite and one for the rest of us. If Mrs May really means what she says about changing that perhaps should might insist that the BBC sends out a P45 to all involved. Over to you Theresa....

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