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279 days ago

TomWinnifrith Postcard: US elections analysis, America says Let's go Brandon

Yesterday I predicted what would happen and what that means for the mid terms and the 2024 General Election HERE. In essence i was right, the Dems got a damn good kicking as America said Let’s Go Brandon.  The media and some Dems are in denial and I discuss the excuses made and why they do not wash. I also look at Trump vs Biden and how they acted over the past week and how that plays out. And so to the predictions for 2022 and 2024. Enjoy. 


280 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: US Elections Special, #Trump2024 & #LetsgoBrandon - what it all means

I explain to British listeners the cultural idiom Let’s Go Brandon,look at the polls on Biden and explain them too.  That leads us onto today’s elections in the US but more importantly the mid terms next year which could leave Biden in very serious trouble.Will he then run again in 2024 or will his party cite senility, incompetence or incontinence and stab him in the back? So might we see Trump run again and win. It might be worth a small wager. Come what may, today’s polls may well mark the beginning of the end for sleepy Joe and his crime family and he has not even been in office for a year.  The original Nascar video referred to is below while the article on how the 2020 election was stolen is HERE, sleep Joe, 


637 days ago

Video: A Biden Win is Great for Gold

Writer and trader Gary Wagner says that folks are waiting for more stimulus, but the next program will likely not arrive until February. The US economy continues to contract, and while some businesses are doing very well, others are being hit quite hard. The Fed has stated that interest rates will remain unchanged as it still has some options in their toolbox.He says that you can expect gold and equities to continue to do well in this environment.


659 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the Boohoo audit "crisis" and how do the growing #BidenCrimefamily bombshells impact the Election race

I start with Boohoo (BOO) and what PWC’s resignation says about spineless auditors today.  Then I refer frequently to this earlier podcast I served up on the growing scandal surrounding the Biden Crime family, what it means for November 3 and gfor your shares and gold.


703 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Trolling & harassment of me by SYME Morons hits new depths and can Trump win? I now call it as being down to just 3 states

My new video show is live and if you have a spare three hours it is, if I say so myself, a total belter and can be watched HERE. I then discuss the US election and am ready to call all bar three states: Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. I believe that the maths are that Trump will have to win all three to win. there are three others I am calling but with a low degree of certainty ( Ohio for Trump, Wisconsin and Minnesota for Biden). I discuss what will swing the three uberswing states and where things stand now but also what financial betting markets tell us. Then trolling of me by morons, this time owning [email protected] Capital (SYME) hits a new low. I discuss these sad creatures and how they motivate me to dig even more.