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Trump Promises “a bloodbath” if he wins: Jon Sopel, CNN, HuffPost all spread fake news

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 17 March 2024

Little Sopel, formerly the BBC’s man in the USA could not help himself tweeting about Trump warning of “a bloodbath”. HuffPost ran the story “On Campaign Trail In Ohio, Trump Warns Of ‘Bloodbath’ If He Loses In November.” The rage of the liberal media GroupThink could be heard the world over. And folks in that groupthink wonder what nobody trusts the mainstream media anymore.

Trump was speaking on Ohio and turned his attention ti the threat facing the US auto industry and jobs from cheap imports from Mexico or China. And he clearly said that he’d have words with the Chinese to put a stop to this because if he did not there would be a bloodbath for US auto jobs. Listen to the speech to put his words in context and you can see it for what it is, a dire warning of job losses if Trump loses not a suggestion that he there will be a slaughter of his opponents, of east coast liberals or of gender studies lecturers from California.

But would you know that from the media headlines or the tweets of little Sopel, a man with full blown #TrumpDerangementSyndrome? You would not.  The manifest dishonesty of the press is why more and more folks on both sides of the pond do not trust it.

Out in Ohio, Trumps words will resonate. Last time around he won the state by eight points. The most recent polls in the state show him ahead by 10 points (naming three fringe candidates), 12 points ( just him and creepy Joe) and 12 points with Robert Kennedy also in the mix. Ohio is not a key swing state but there are is at least one Congressional district ( the 1st) the GOP might pick up if Trump wins big in the General Election.  In the past Ohio has voted Democrat (twice for Obama, Clinton and even for Jimmy Carter) so in a super year for the Dems they might hope to pick it up.

But this year is not going to be a super year for the Dems.

The national polls show Trump either winning, in nearly all cases, or in a couple of cases 1 or 2 points down. Allowing for ”shy Trumpsters” that suggests a worst case, as things stand now, national tie which would deliver a clear electoral college win to the Donald.

In the real swing states like Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania, all won by Biden in 2020, Trump is between two and five points ahead in all of last week’s polls.

If the election were tomorrow , however many smears Jon Sopel or the Huff Post tweets, Trump would be heading back to the White House and sleepy Joe would have more time n his hands to visit his son Hunter when he is sent to jail.

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