Christmas Present

908 days ago

The Perfect Christmas Present for a deluded lefty in your life

Simply right click the photo below of two innocent men smeared by Joe Biden, the Democratic Party of America and the mainstream media but who were none the less found not guilty as charged. Then frame it and pop it in the post with a covering card featuring Jesus wishing the sort of folk who celebrate a  God free “happy holiday”, a very merry Christmas. Trust me they will love it. I am already planing it for both of my sisters, the Mrs and for thirsty daughter Olaf.


994 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - Making marrow jam

So what to do with the other half of the smaller of the two ginormous marrows from Joshua’s garden? My mother-in-law thinks I am joking but the answer is marrow and ginger jam.


2712 days ago

The delivery man told the Mrs "I know a Tom Winnifrith but it can't be him"

While I was away, the Christmas present from Uncle Chris Booker arrived. For all of my life he has sent out the same presents every year. Whereas I send out Yarg cheeses, Uncle Chris sends out Cheddar's, made just down the road from where he lives. As we have the gannet like friends of the Mrs round for Christmas drinks and nibbles tomorrow it will come in jolly useful.


2760 days ago

Caption Contest for my Card: But what to get for Hillary Clinton this Christmas

Fingers crossed, Crooked Hillary will either have time on her hands this Christmas or will actually be doing time. But what to get the woman who - thanks to $250,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs - has everything? I'm not saying she's been a good girl so Santa may well decide she does not deserve anything at all. But if you had to give Hillary Clinton something what would it be. Here's a very special Monopoly Set for her from me. How about you supply a caption for my card in the comments section below. Deadline November 8.


3578 days ago

Photo Special – My Eco-Loo is ready

I am very proud of myself. Not only have I constructed an eco-loo but I have been uber- environmentally friendly in using 80% recycled materials.  For a man who came 127 out of 127 with 27% in the U4 Warwick School woodwork exam I think I have done well.

The box case is an old trunk. I took off the top with my early Christmas present to myself (an electric screwdriver) and cut a piece of hardboard (not recycled into shape). That was then reattached to the hinges and thus to the chest.

The bucket is kept in place