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5 days ago

Photo Article: The hypocrisy of the virtue signalling wankers at Glastonbury

The event was hydrocarbon powered. Greta Thunberg, the doom goblin, flew to Britain to address the masses as they cheared her on sitting underneath Pride banners and waving their Ukranian flags. Andf what you see below is what they left behind.


1251 days ago

Photo Article - Considering Holocaust Memorial Day among fucktard lefties in Glastonbury

As each anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Holocaust Memorial Day, comes about I find it more and more depressing and painful. I think of the relatives of two of the godparents of my daughter Olaf.


2922 days ago

On the Glasto Train

The steam is rising gently off the green fields of Oxfordshire and Berkshire as the 4.47 AM from Bristol speeds from Didcot and onto Reading. But for once I am not alone in my carriage and there is a strange smell.

I know that at Reading we will be joined by throngs of City folk heading into London. I will have to move my bags currently sprawled over three seats and the carriage will be filled with tap tap tap tap sounds as irrelevant messages are sent by one and all via blackberry and iPhone. For now I stare out of the window in relative peace, wondering why this land is so beautiful.