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1407 days ago

Trump should not have nominated Kavanaugh as he is too liberal – next time don’t give an inch to the deranged Democrats

Do not get me wrong. After the battles of the last few weeks I am delighted that Brett Kavanaugh has been appointed to the Supreme Court. Quite simply the Democratic Party tried to subvert the constitution with a hit job, an orchestrated smear. A good man fought back and, eventually the lack of tangible evidence and gaping holes in the testimony of the accusers meant that the Senate had to ratify. For that, and the tears of a mob of pathetic snowflakes, D list celebs, angry and snarling feminists and others with full blown #TrumpDerangementSyndrome, gives me great joy this weekend. However…


1765 days ago

Is Harvey Weinstein more evil than Herman Goring - justice Hollywood style

After years of pretending they knew nothing the big names of Hollywood have taken action - Harvey Weinstein has been booted out of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organisers of the Oscars. That will come as a relief to Roman Polanski (refuses to answer charges of child sex abuse) and Bill Cosby (a spot of bother with sexual harassment allegations) as neither will now have to rub shoulders with Weinstein. Polanski and Cosby retain their memberships.


2870 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #83 – The murder of Alan Henning, ISIS, our lying leaders and what real justice means

This week I am back in Bristol and my video looks at ISIS, the murder of poor Alan Henning and how we should react. 

I discuss how my Aunt was murdered and how one cannot gain justice and retain the moral high ground without going through justice. But also how our leaders are all lying to us about what is going on and how our safety is ever more compromised by their actions.

My financial video postcard covers why Quindell is getting more nervous, making more errors and getting more desperate as the truth emerges. It can be viewed HERE


3195 days ago

A sheepish call from the bloke who did a runner with his Mrs.

You may remember my delight in discovering that the couple who did a runner from Real Man Pizza last Friday had left behind an expensive handbag. The bloke telephoned today…

“I think my girlfriend may have left her handbag at your place”, he said. “Would that have been last Friday I countered? “ “Yes”. He said. “You were the couple who lefty without paying your bill were you not?” I cenquired in a polite but firm manner..

“Yes, I am very sorry about that, of course I will settle in full.” He said rather sheepishly. “I have your bag”, I answered. A few hours later the gent wandered in, terribly apologetic and looking rather sheepish. He paid. He said they had had a difficult night.” I understand” I said gracefully and patted him on the shoukder in a new man, sort of understanding way. Inside I was laughing. Justice.

On the subject of telephone calls and justice, Rebekah Brooks and her old man wandered past Real Man today, arm in arm. They did not exactly seem to be full of the joys of life.


3577 days ago

A Fair trial for Gary Glitter?

Let me make this clear. I find Gary Glitter a loathsome individual. I would not have objected had the Vietnamese authorities stuck him in front of a firing squad for what it was proven that he did in that country. The world would not have been a worse place for it. However his arrest this morning as part of the Jimmy Savile enquiries raises a couple of questions in my mind which make me feel incredibly uncomfortable.