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Is Harvey Weinstein more evil than Herman Goring - justice Hollywood style

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 15 October 2017

After years of pretending they knew nothing the big names of Hollywood have taken action - Harvey Weinstein has been booted out of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organisers of the Oscars. That will come as a relief to Roman Polanski (refuses to face charges of child sex abuse but admits he is guilty) and Bill Cosby (a spot of bother with sexual harassment allegations) as neither will now have to rub shoulders with Weinstein. Polanski and Cosby retain their memberships.

I'm in no doubt that Weinstein is a monstrous pig and I'd bet the ranch that he is guilty of , at least some of what, he stands accused of. But then I would have said the same about Herman Goring back in 1945. But at least Herman and his fellow Nazis had to face a formal trial before being declared guilty and facing punishment. Weinstein may not have been involved in genocide but it seems that he gets to face the punishment without any of the allegations being tested.

Since Harvey was a good friend of Bill Clinton and Lady MacBeth, I am sure he is guilty as hell. Rapists of a feather stick together and all that. But still surely to punish before anything is proved, before any formal proceedings just looks a bit premature does it not?

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