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273 days ago

New board game: Australian Covid Monopoly

Given why most of the forebears of present day Australians ended up there, this new version of an old game is most apt.


694 days ago

AIMopoly not as funny as Wokeopoly but well presented

There are some good jokes in the latest spoof version of Monopoly. It is not as good as Wokeopoly and the references to ShareProphets and the Greek Hovel I do not quite understand, but it is very well presented. Enjoy.


700 days ago

Wokeopoly - this is genius

I am not sure who created this game, which looks ideal for snowflakes like my daughter Olaf who might eschew the evil capitalist game Monopoly, but whoever did so is a genius. Enjoy.


740 days ago

New Monopoly set launched in Wales - a land led by intellectual pygmies

When, in a post Covid 19 world, our political leaders look for a new way to squander taxpayers cash, one inevitable option will be a public enquiry into what happened. Since the entire political & media class agreed on almost everything and will never admit they were blundering idiots in thrall to Prof Pantsdown it seems a pointless way of burning my hard earned cash but then when did that stop our leaders? If there is an enquiry I do hope it looks at the cretinous buffoons who are meant to be in charge of the rain sodden second world nation where I live, that is to say Wales.


2030 days ago

Caption Contest for my Card: But what to get for Hillary Clinton this Christmas

Fingers crossed, Crooked Hillary will either have time on her hands this Christmas or will actually be doing time. But what to get the woman who - thanks to $250,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs - has everything? I'm not saying she's been a good girl so Santa may well decide she does not deserve anything at all. But if you had to give Hillary Clinton something what would it be. Here's a very special Monopoly Set for her from me. How about you supply a caption for my card in the comments section below. Deadline November 8.


2800 days ago

Phones 4 U Goes Bust – Folks talk retail rubbish

The administrators are in, 550 stores will not open today and 5,500 jobs are at risk – Phones 4U is going bust. And folks are talking a load of rubbish about what happened and blaming evil corporates for all sorts of matters, utterly unfairly.

Essentially Phones 4 U has no product to sell any more. Both Vodafone and EE have opted to stop using it as a middleman so the stores now have “No phones 4 U.” For the Venture Capitalists at BC Partners who spunked away £600 billion buying a majority stake in this firm in 2011 from another VC who bought it from founder John  Caudwell for £1.5 billion in 2006, welcome to an easy lesson about retailing “if you are merely a reseller from monopoly or oligopoly providers you have no power.”