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1668 days ago

Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker: woke, dull & boring

I was nine when the first Star Wars film came out and almost ever since I have been a true groupie. I have seen every film, in the case of the original three, dozens of times. I have Star Wars Trivial Pursuit which I should warn you all that I am rather good at. There was even a vague attempt to include in my daughter’s names Leia but I am afraid that the Force was not with me in that battle. And thus my daughter and I headed off yesterday to see the final instalment of this nine movies phenomenon, the Rise of Skywalker.


2585 days ago

As a Libertarian & Princess Leia Organa devotee - thoughts on the nature of Carrie Fisher's death

I suppose I should not have been shocked. The spin from her publicists was that Carrie Fisher had once been a hell raiser but had now been clean for years. I think she once admitted that during the filming of Star Wars she was taking so much coke that she barely knew which day of the week it was. Well I guess we now know that the "now clean" line was just spin. The autopsy shows that Fisher had traces of coke, heroin and ecstasy in her body when she died aged 60 just before Christmas.


3011 days ago

Ben Simons PR fecking genius from Vigo Communications - you are an annoying little twerp

Yesterday I was told that a man called Ben had called someone who stopped working here a year ago saying he wanted to speak about Rockhopper Exploration (RKH) - a Falklands oil ramp. Ben refused to give his full name or say what he wanted when he spoke to our ex employee, Princess Leia. She said he was jolly rude.

Leia, being a smart bird, googled his mobile and discovered that this was Ben Simons a PR himbo from Vigo Communications


3363 days ago

May the Fourth be with You – Happy #StarWarsday

As you might have guessed, I am a major Star Wars geek.  We have Star Wars Trivial Pursuit here, all the films, I have a Darth T-shirt and the Star Wars jokes run through all of my writings, notably in my battles with the now imploding Death Star known as Burnbrae Media. Did any of the folks at UK Investor Show 2015 get my little joke on that matter with our introductory music?

Anyhow, we are now preparing to announce the arrival of the real Princess Leia at the rebel base in Clerkenwell - our first Leia was just a trick to fool The Emperor - as we work to eliminate the last remnants dark side of the force forever, today is officially World Star Wars Day. May be the 4th be with you.


3502 days ago

Talk about being a caring boss…

I really do look after my staff. Princess Leia reckoned that her fund manager boss was a bit of a tool. So we have had a good old lunch and I have just dumped him for her by email. But I am not a total bastard. I called him as well.

The things I do for my staff…no wonder some folks view me as the new Mother fucking Theresa


3641 days ago

Feeling Guilt at the Greek Hovel – Not Making the Mental Leap

There are different forms of guilt that I feel as I sit in the Greek Hovel. The worst is as I peer outside and see the sun shining on a glorious day. Yet I will be heading back inside soon to finish another article on shares, on Quindell or whatever.

In side of me something associate sun and the smell of a Greek hillside with holidays. What on earth am I doing spending holiday time hammering away at my PC?  The Mrs makes that point every time we go on holiday and it is a fair one.

I have not fully made the mental leap that this is not a holiday. The Mrs has bought a house which is one of our two homes. The nature of my work means that sometimes I will live in Bristol and sometimes I live here in the Mani, Greece.  This is my home and just as in Bristol I am working from home.  And so gradually the feelings of guilt about now being down at the beach or just lazing around doing nothing are going.

As it happens


3890 days ago

The Mrs….My people into battle at 4 PM

Ever since the new Star Wars film held auditions for extras here in Bristol the suggestion that my (not very tall) Mrs should have applied to play an Ewok has gathered momentum. The Deluded lefty has been rechristened Ewok.

And at 3.55 PM today ITV finishes the six weeks of gripping Saturday afternoon showing of the Star Wars movies with The Return of the Jedi. As a Star wars/ Princess Leia obsessive I shall naturally be watching. And – for those that remember the plot – the Mrs will also be watching as her people go into battle.


3986 days ago

Sefton – The Empire Can’t Strike Back

It is a fight to the death and it was hand to hand stuff on the front line today. For the Evil Empire Emperor Ellerton moved off the beaches of Hawaii and flew (at Sefton shareholder expense) to California. That left newly appointed company Secretary and IR genius Doc Gopher Green to lead the counter attack from his personal Shareprice death star.

Some of the Imperial strormtroopers in the BB Moron brigade of the Sefton army were hoping for a statement refuting weekend allegations, broadcast across the Galaxy by the rebel alliance. But that was not possible as the company is not in a position to refute anything. So instead Doc Gopher briefed a number of BB loons with the line: “all Sefton directors have been fully vetted by different nomads and nothing was found awry.”

That, of course, is NOT the same as a denial. Doc Gopher is not THAT stupid. And it is also meaningless as one of the Nomads immediately came forward and revealed to the intelligence officer of the Rebel Alliance that it had indeed commissioned independent due diligence on the Sefton board but that it was told that Ellerton/Dillabaugh was a personal matter and that Sefton did not disclose the Court case to it at all. Thus this did not feature in the due diligence.

Han Solo (played by Daniel Levi) then revealed that the non-execs on the Imperial board had now commissioned an independent enquiry into the activities of Darth Ellerton relating to the Ellerton case. And


4096 days ago

Australian dual listed stocks on AIM: Avoid the lot of them?

I seem to remember that there used to be an AIM Australia Day party.  The “cesspit” meets a bunch of folks from a country which started its colonial life as a penal colony. It sounds like a hoot. But I guess that I am not going to get invited if such an event still takes place. Or perhaps it never did and was just a figment of my imagination – a sort of party for white collar folk held in Jabba the Hut’s Bar. Did Princess Leia attend this party? Which PR firm does she work for as I’d like a briefing? And which dodgy mining stock is Jabba promoting today? We need to know.

I slightly digress, but I am a Star Wars groupie and Carrie Fisher is always welcome at Chez Winnifrith to pop on over and drone on yet again about her celeb parents and all that cocaine she took any time.  Now,where was I? Oh yes, in that water and snake filled garbage crusher on the Death Star when Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia almost get crushed before R2D2 and C3PO save them by hacking into the control system. I refer of course to AIM.

It seems that barely a day goes by without me feeling compelled to vent my anger about some outrage inflicted on investors on the cesspit. But, it strikes me that a disproportionate number of the stocks that I write about in this vein, are dual listed on the ASX and are primarily Australian companies


4149 days ago

Saturday Caption Contest – Falkland Islands Referendum Special

The people of the Falkland Islands will this weekend be allowed a vote on whether they wish to stay British or become Argies. How novel, folks being allowed to decide from where they are ruled? I doubt it will ever catch on back in the UK or not at least until 2018 or whenever.
Some people like the President of a nation built on the principle of self-determination back in 1776 (I refer to President Obama) do not care about the result and want the UK to start talks with the bankrupt imperialists of Argentina anyway.  I guess Obama is a clued up on democracy as he is on economics. 
But in honour of this vote I bring you this week’s Caption Contest. The winner gets a Piss off Argentina T-shirt which of course you can buy (with a Piss off Argentina mug) here.

For what it is worth my caption is:  

“Once again the Argies get that sinking feeling as the Falkland Islands referendum results come in”
If you can come up with anything better please post your entries in the comments section below.
Last week I served up two photos. The first was of Lord Rennard preparing to interview Lib Dem candidates for Parliament and the second was of a man who cannot remember anything bad and will be looking for a new job in 2015.


4157 days ago

Friday Caption Contest - I cannot remember when I forgot to remember about the sex pest Edition

There is only one story this week: when did Nick Clegg know that his leading party official not only looked like Jabba The Hut but, allegedly, shared his views on career advancement for women.

My caption for this one is: So Princess Leia how would you like to be a Lib Dem MP?

And so in honour of this episode and to win a Chris Huhne Liar! Criminal! T-shirt I ask you for captions to the picture below.

Remember that you can also buy the Chris Huhne special T-shirt as well as a “Justice 4 the Sefton 2” T-shirt, mug or hoodie exclusively at our online store.

For what it is worth my caption is

Salesman: Sir, If you want to fit in the entire Parliamentary Lib Dem party after 2015 you will need to buy the 4 seat model

Or alternatively:

Chris wanted you to look after his car whilst he is off the road and says do not worry about speed cameras he knows a sure fire way to get around the system””

If you can do better post your entries in the comments section below.

Last week I asked you for captions for this picture of the Horse belonging to queen welfare scrounger Heather Frost .


4375 days ago

A Few Questions from the Beach

This sunbathing lark really is puzzling me. I just cannot lie there thinking about nothing. I guess I never will get to be an airhead. Drat. But you cannot always think about work, life, family, West Ham (not in that order). Questions occasionally crop up. This is not a competition as any fool can check out the answers on google to win (Lucian Miers being the sort of fool who would). But can anyone answer any of the following?

1. What is the difference between a sea and a large lake? Please answer including a reference to the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea which are much smaller than Lake Michigan.