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9 days ago

NHS Nurses - greedy, deceitful and shameless witches

You are told by the BBC and the rest of the liberal media that nurses are grossly underpaid and that their decision to walk out on cancer and other patients leaving them to die is thus all the fault of the wicked Tories. But here in chart form are the facts….


362 days ago

The rank mask hypocrisy of my local GP surgery staffed by mask fascists

Last time I attended the Village Surgeries Group practice just over the border in Farndon, among the infidels of England, it refused to give me a flu jab unless I masked up. I started to discuss exemptions – something legally you cannot question even as a gauleiter with the NHS – but no dissent was brooked. Today I took my daughter for her one year jabs and, for her, wore a mask albeit below the nose.


375 days ago

So the Mrs tries to see our GP – give those poor Shipmans another pay rise!

The rule here in North Wales is that you need to call our local surgery over in England at 8 AM to get an appointment.The Mrs has had a chesty cough for three weeks so – according to in the interweb – needs some antibiotics and thus a scrip. So she started calling at 8 AM. The line was engaged.


407 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Charles Ingalls never suffered this, the grotesque inefficiency of mask fascist NHS staff & Kefi's woes

It has been a bad day at the homestead, the Welsh Hovel, as I explain. I have also had a run in with Shipmans and other staff at  “the envy of the fecking world”  so am in a bad mood. I discuss Kefi (KEFI) and what is happening in Ethiopia. I know more than all the BB savants but there is only so much that I can say. Then I look at the David Beckham-linked swizzle at Guild ESports (GILD) and, by implication, Cellular Goods (CBX) both of which will end in tears and be posterboys for the bezzles at the fag end of a bull market.


411 days ago

You wish to cure the GP shortage? It is simple: Slash the pay and pensions of the Shipmans

There was a mad old coot sitting in the middle of the road yesterday explaining how she was doing it to stop the world running out of oxygen. I kid you not. It turned out that this woman aged 61 was a retired GP. She had quit a while back to concentrate on saving the planet and the point is that after years troughing it and with a bumper, taxpayer funded pension, she could afford to quit at an age when nearly all of us still face years at the coalface.


1980 days ago

As my daughter turns 16 tomorrow, Britain's greedy & morally bankrupt doctors demand the right to have murdered her

Tomorrow my daughter Olaf turns 16. I still cannot quote believe that "the miracle baby" has reached this landmark. I call her a miracle because she really should not have lived. 16 years ago her mother's preeclampsia got so bad that the doctors told us that Olaf was not growing so we had to extract her or face her certain death. Olaf emerged aged 26 weeks weighing 1lb and 4 oz. It was eight weeks before the doctors talked about when she would come home, not if. Folks around the country prayed for the miracle baby and she made it.