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The BBC: Pity the Poor Shipmans begging from charities to survive. I call it out for FAKE NEWS!

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 13 June 2024

Yes GPs really are having to seek charity handouts says the BBC as you can see below. Bloody hell the Tories are evil bastards. I really must vote for the sort of progressive party that the state funded broadcaster wants me to support. I wonder, has the BBC’s Verify Unit not fact checked, what is so obviously fake news.

The average GP salary in the UK is £87,884 but, with perks such as an incredibly generous taxpayer funded pension scheme, the average package is well over a hundred grand a year putting the Shipmans in the top 2% of earners. If you can persuade elderly patients to change their wills in your favour then murder them, like the patron saint of GPs,  Dr Harold, you make even more. But even without resorting to deliberately killing your patients it is not a bad old screw for a  35 hour week.

In spite of this the TradesUnion for the Shipmans, the BMA claimed last month that: “GP practices across the country are experiencing significant and growing strain with declining GP numbers, rising demand, struggles to recruit.” In other words, if you are a Shipman there are plenty of jobs out there.  So how does the BBC arrive at its, clearly fake news, headline?  It  references one report presented to Stockton on Tees council, I quote:

Dr Rachel McMahon made the comments as a Stockton Council report referred to doctors looking for work, while hard-up practices could not employ them despite a backlog of patients.

The report is due to be considered by council leaders next week.

Dr McMahon said she knew GPs who “haven’t managed to do any GP work for several weeks in Teesside” and that they were “probably working about half of the hours they could work for the NHS”.

Dr McMahon is CEO and company secretary for Cleveland Local Medical Committee (LMC), which represents GPs.

“We know there are GPs who are turning to charities for support because they can’t find any work and they can’t pay their bills,” she said.


Even if you are only doing 17.5 hours a week your are still earning almost fifty grand a year which is way more than most households. If Shipmans then have to beg for help from Charities then perhaps they are living beyond their means. And with their own Union saying that practices are struggling to recruit there really is no excuse for a Shipman not having a job.

Dr McMahon should tell her struggling GP pals to “get on their bike” ( or rather get into their Volvo) and stop bleating and the BBC should stop reporting what is clearly fake news. Neither will happen.

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