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The rank mask hypocrisy of my local GP surgery staffed by mask fascists

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 2 December 2021

Last time I attended the Village Surgeries Group practice just over the border in Farndon, among the infidels of England, it refused to give me a flu jab unless I masked up. I started to discuss exemptions – something legally you cannot question even as a gauleiter with the NHS – but no dissent was brooked. Today I took my daughter for her one year jabs and, for her, wore a mask albeit below the nose.

So I walked in and was greeted by the receptionist who also takes phone calls. She sat behind a slattered screen and her mask was hanging loose on a thread. Having said a few words to me she put it back on. As I sat in the waiting room, I saw how she would take the mask off to receive a phone call but would not always put it back on afterwards.

I peered round the corner and there were two other women in the room. One had no mask at all, the other hand one hanging around her neck.  Now if you believe the bullshit the Government and its media poodles feed you, one third of covid patients are asymptomatic and masks don’t stop you catching covid but can stop you spreading it. Of course, that is bull but that is why my local Shipman’s force we plebs, who pay their bloated salaries, to mask up in their practice. But there own staff are free to infect each other and patients entering the building, many of whom are in the most covid vulnerable groups.

If you try to call this practice, as you wait on the line for what seems an eternity, you are treated to a long message about how abuse of VSG staff has increased in recent weeks and anyone abusing these heroes will be struck off the list. The message has been the same for months and I doubt if anyone can validate the claim with hard data. But if patients forced to wear a face nappy are rude to staff about it, might the staff consider that there may be a good reason for this?

Sorry for mentioning this. I shall just go and find a pan to bang at 8 PM to show my appreciation for the NHS, the envy of the fecking world unless you are dying of cancer thanks to a missed appointment, before I head back to a night of work to pay the tax bill needed to give a 3% pay rise to GP’s on an average pay of £100,700 plus uber generous pension. All hail the Shipmans!

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