Simon Mabon

14 days ago

By Zionists, the anti-semites infesting British campuses mean Jews

Even in today’s climate of overt hostility the bigots normally cannot quite bring themselves to demand that Jews get out, be cleansed from certain spaces. Some can, but most pretend that they are not engaged in Jew hating by calling for Zionists to be purged ,to be sent packing and their businesses boycotted. The picture below is from Birmingham University this week.


110 days ago

Video: Welcome to Colombia Untisemity - how Israel views woke University students in the West ( with humour)

With places such as Lancaster University refusing to action Professors like Simon Mabon who openly celebrated the Hamas attack which saw the biggest one day slaughter of Jews since World War Two, is it any wonder that Israel – and all other right thinking folks despair at life on Western campuses?  Often the best way to combat this is with comedy and Israeli satire show “What a Wonderful Country” does that superbly in the video below. Enjoy.


111 days ago

Now that the Metropolitan Police says Hamas Bulldozer imagery a crime – will Lancaster University fire Simon Mabon?

As of today, the apologists for anti-semitism who run Lancaster University are still refusing to take action against Professor Simon Mabon. They have accepted his palpably untrue excuses for tweets sent out on October 8 in which he labelled those responsible for the October 7 slaughter of 1400 Jews, the worst pogrom since World War Two as folks engaged in “an act of resistance” and which contained in image of a bulldozer with a Palestine flag taking down a large fence. As I explained in detail HERE that image was created after the 7 October pogrom and specifically referred to it. Anyone tweeting it out on October 8 as the world’s media reported nothing else must have known what it meant. However…


114 days ago

BREAKING EXPOSE: Lancaster University and the cover up for Professor Simon Mabon who celebrated the Hamas slaughter of 1400 Jews on October 7

On the day after the worst mass slaughter of Jews since World War Two, Lancaster University professor Simon Mabon, a man regularly called as an “impartial expert” by the BBC to comment on the evils of Israel, tweeted out his praise for those vermin of Hamas who had carried out the attacks, the rapes, the beheadings, the kidnaps, the roasting of a baby in an oven. Mabon is a disgrace but so too is Lancaster University which, I can now reveal, has exonerated him, covered up his crime and so made it clear that Jewish students at Lancaster can now be taunted and menaced without repercussion.


122 days ago

Even for the appalling Guardian this is a new low, but I bet they love it at the University of Lancaster

17 days after the worst one day mass slaughter of Jews since World War Two   the Guardian ran the headline below accusing Israel of weaponising the holocaust. Words just fail me. The Guardian is weaponising the anti-semitism that is marching through the ranks of its core public sector and academic readership.  Folks like the University of Lancaster which, despite promising a Monday response, has still not responded to my Saturday questions abut Professor Simon Mabon celebrating the Hamas butchers of 7 October.  No doubt at Lancaster University they loved the article below. Any decent reader of the Guardian, such as my wife,will surely now boycott it for life. 


126 days ago

BREAKING: Does the University of Lancaster condone a celebration of the Hamas attack on Israel? Professor Simon Mabon does

Simon Mabon is a Professor of International Politics at the University of Lancaster. He is such an expert that the BBC interviews him regularly, only yesterday he was on BBC 5 Live giving a less than balanced view on what is happening in Israel and Gaza. His twitter account has now been closed to non followers so the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen can still see his tweets but you and I cannot. Unfortunately for the Prof some pesky Jews got there first!