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44 days ago

Socialism today - more tax for a lavatory cleaner so a £90,000 Prof can get a bigger pay rise, justified with lies by Zarah Sultana MP

Back in the 1970s my late father would make a point of crossing the picket line when his colleagues were on strike. He, and his friend Bill Whitehead, would march past the other liberal arts teachers with pride. After the event, my father would note how unusual it was to see so many of his co-workers in the Warwick University English department actualy turning up on campus. Dad would have been proud to see the Mrs breaking the strike this week although as she was working from home that day it only meant answering emails. According to the bright young thing of socialism, Zarah Sultana MP, it is as University staff have suffered a 20% pay cut so she backs the strike. As so often Zarah makes things up. My father was the sort of lefty who believed that Government should look after the deserving poor and that folks should speak the truth. He would not have been a big fan of Ms Sultana on either count. 


459 days ago

Video: Socialism coming to America and what that means for the dollar

This is my sort of bird! Danielle DiMartino Booth is the CEO and Chief Strategists for Quill Intelligence, a research and analytics firm. She makes a stark warning about the USA and the dollar.


1371 days ago

Triggering a snowflake by handling real meat? A problem with capitalism

The great Kate Andrews of the IEA, says that whereas under socialism folks starve, capitalism ensures that all desires are met. If there is demand folks will risk capital to ensure it is met. She is, of course, right.


1399 days ago

Putin wins big time - Owen Jones reacts for the London liberal left - did no-one teach him any history?

Yes there were clear electoral irregularities in the Russian Presidential Election. But rather like Nixon in 1972 Vladimir Putin did not need to cheat to win.The headline number is that Vlad got 75%. Whether the real; number is 65% or 55% who cares, he won and he won easily. 

For the fact is that an awful lot of Russians like Vlad.


1935 days ago

Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI is just not fit for purpose

As head of the CBI Carolyn Fairbairn is meant to speak for British Business. She is, naturally, totally unqualified. Her CV says it all:


2116 days ago

You have driven past Port Talbot sneered Newsnight lefty harpie Kirsty Wark to Ken Clarke

Pravda's flasgship current affairs programme Newsnight felt the need to cover the imminent closure of steel works across the UK by India's Tata last night and so invited onto its show, commie journalist Paul Mason (ex Newsnight) and fat old Tory Ken Clarke. In the chair was the sneering chearleader of the metropolitan media liberal elite Kirsty Wark, a woman who insists that she earns less than £500,000 a year. 

Workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your taxpayer funded lifestyle.

Clarke wiped the floor 


3227 days ago

Cyprus – State Sponsored Socialist Theft in the Eurozone – it could happen here

Cyprus has become the fifth Eurozone nation to get a bailout but this one is different. At the insistence of the Germans one condition of the bailout is that private citizen’s pay and they will do so via a tax of up to 10% levied on all bank deposits in the Mediterranean island. This is pure socialism in action – the idea that the legitimate savings made by an individual as a result of fully taxed income can just be seized by the State. It is a horrific precedent.

For having established that the State can effectively seize whatever it wants whenever it wants you rather accept that you have no private property or savings. You can work your socks off, pay taxes to support those who do not work, save prudently so that you will not be a burden on the State or your family in the future and then one day the State just seizes your money. Heck why stop at 10% of bank deposits? Why not seize land, houses, etc.? The precedent is now there and this is an EU precedent.

David Cameron wishes to remain part of an organisation which thinks that State sponsored theft of private wealth is acceptable. I do not and nor, I suspect, do most British people. If the Conservative party and for that matter the Lib Dems and Labour support State sponsored theft that is fine they should be honest about it and we can all vote UKIP. But will the established parties stand up to the political elite in the Evil Empire and say