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306 days ago

The Avaaz global warming grifters at it again – now it is drought in Somalia

There is a drought in Somalia. Nobody denies that fact. But the cause? The grifters at Avaaz do not care about facts  and are thus calling it out as another symptom of global warming and asking the saps they spam for money, some heading out to East Africa and some to line the pockets of the grossly overpaid liberal grifters at Avaaz. The grifters lead with a touching father and son photo from Somalia and say:


2605 days ago

Russell Square - the BBC still evades the point & so becomes ever less trusted

Out in the real world evidence has emerged showing that the Russell Square killer had been reading books supporting islamic extremism in recent months. The BBC is still buying the line from the Old Bill, calling this a killing by someone with mental health issues and referring to him as a Norwegian born in Somalia. Actually it is worse than that.


3784 days ago

The weekly video (non financial) postcard Number 1

As of now there are two weekly video postcards. Over on my financial postcard went live yesterday. It covers the markets, investor delusion and Quindell.

Here on there is the non financial video postcard which covers the EU, Call Me Dave but focusses in on why cutting foreign aid to Somalia ( not increasing it) would be good news for most Somalis and all Britains. Why foreign aid helps no-one bar criminals and guilty liberal elites.



4029 days ago

Another Day and Another Mad liberal Judge

String ‘em up. It is the only language they understand. I am not talking about hanging criminals here but Britain’s Guardian reading drippy Judges who appear ever more useless. Talk of “brave burglars” compounds the agony we all feel as we see soft sentence after soft sentence handed down. Today’s entry for the Judge you’d want to hang competition goes to Judge Carol Hagen of Bristol Crown Court.