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The Avaaz global warming grifters at it again – now it is drought in Somalia

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 21 November 2022

There is a drought in Somalia. Nobody denies that fact. But the cause? The grifters at Avaaz do not care about facts  and are thus calling it out as another symptom of global warming and asking the saps they spam for money, some heading out to East Africa and some to line the pockets of the grossly overpaid liberal grifters at Avaaz. The grifters lead with a touching father and son photo from Somalia and say:

This is what the climate crisis looks like up close…

A moment of tenderness between father and son — in the midst of unspeakable horror.

In Somalia, 7 million people are in danger of starving — and HALF of all children are severely malnourished. Hospitals are becoming overwhelmed and parents are being forced to make impossible decisions about who to feed.

The country is being devastated by the worst drought in 40 years. Without rain, nothing grows anymore — and aid isn’t arriving fast enough.

Etc etc

Somalia has a vast coastline and any sensible government in a part of the world where there are always droughts would have invested in massive desalination plants. But, of course, Somalia is wrecked by ongoing civil wars and also with a bit of a corruption issue.

Somalia, along with Syria, ranked next-to-last, scoring 13 on the CPI on a scale from 0 (“highly corrupt”) to 100 (“highly clean”) in Transparency International’s 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index, which measures the perception of public sector corruption of 180 countries around the world.

So it is the joint second most corrupt country on earth and so you can bet that of every dollar sent in by well-meaning NGO’s almost every cent ends up in Switzerland or in the pocket of local officials. Corruption and war are Somalia’s issues and merely sending in cash will not solve anything.

But what about that global warming causing droughts. Sadly, there are not long term records in Somalia but next door Ethiopia which has similar weather patterns does rather better. And according to Wikipedia it has had famines – most of which were caused  by droughts – in:

the second half of the 9th century, 1535, 1540, 1543, 1567-70, 1611, 1625-27, 1634–35, 1650, 1665, 1678, 1700, 1702, 1752, 1783, 1789, 1796, 1797, 1800, 1829 (folklore has it that, the land “became dry and there was great hunger.”  People travelled East where most of them died of heat and starvation), 1835  (Rains failed again, leading to famine and “great mortality”),  1880–81, 1888–92, 1913–1914, c. 19229, 1958 (Over 100,000 people in the Tigray alone died of the famine), 1966, 1973 (In  Wollo alone c. 200,000 people died),  1984–85 (Bob Geldof wants your money to stop this sort of thing happening again), 2003 ( it happens again), November 2020–present.

These are just the recorded famines. Pre 1850 there was almost no, or no, Western presence in Ethiopia and certainty in its rural provinces. So, there will have been many more famines and droughts than you see in that list above.

And what you might spot is that these events were occurring centuries before what Greta the Doom Goblin and other cultists might refer to as the era of man-made global warming. In fact, a good number were occurring in the cold period of the 1600s and 1700s. 

The bottom line is that in East Africa you always get droughts, you always get famine.  And you always will. They could be mitigated by honest government, by no more civil wars and by a good dose of capitalism as we have seen in recent years in Mozambique. In an honest and peaceful state, pretty soon, folks could drink desalinated water from the 2,077 miles of coastline Somalia enjoys, the longest coastline of any country in mainland Africa!  

But to say that the 2020-2022 drought in Somalia (and also Ethiopia) is a direct consequence of many made global warming is just an obvious lie. And of course, it is one of many that Avaaz pushes as it tried to part gullible liberals from their hard earned cash. Thirsty Somalis, “drowning” folks in Tuvalu (who are not drowning), it is all part of the lie based grift.

Avaaz and its employees should be in jail for fraud, for obtaining cash through deception. But of course the liberal media and the political class do not check facts they just buy into the GroupThink and the bezzle continues.

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