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Tuvalu PM and Avaaz: more climate change grifters, happy to ignore facts as they seek to raid your wallet

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 18 November 2022

To be fair Avaaz is not just a climate change grifter. It will spam millions of folks on any woke issue getting them to sign pointless petitions or to hand over their hard earned to support bloated salaries, sorry I meant laudable campaigning.  It is an all round grifter. A recent Avaaz spam is from the Prime Minster of Tuvalu. Now he really is a climate change grifter. He wants western money as reparations for our carbon crimes.

The PM writes:

Climate change is drowning the Pacific Islands.

The world’s addiction to oil, gas and coal threatens to swallow our lands under the warming seas – inch by inch.

But we will not stand by as our home is wiped from the map!

So we’re uniting with a hundred Nobel laureates and thousands of scientists worldwide to urge world leaders to join the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to manage a just transition away from fossil fuels.

The time has come to make peace with the planet. To deliver vulnerable nations the long overdue funding needed to cope with the loss and damage incurred from climate disasters and to make polluters pay.

Etc etc

You see Kausea Natano and the other 11,924 folks on Tuvalu want billions of pounds because we are drowning them. Except of course we are not, that is just a lie. It is another fake fact from the grifters just like those surrounding the Cook Islands (exposed HERE), Pakistani floods (exposed HERE) or the Maldives ( also not drowning thanks to global warming as the experts keep predicting as I showed HERE)

Now if you are a cultist you have to believe that global warming has not just started but started many decades ago. So how has the land mass of Tuvalu (4.6 metres above sea level) changed over the years.

Well here is a fascinating survey from 2014 when academics were still allowed to challenge the Group Think before being driven off campus by the thought police.

Tuvalu is a chain of coral reefs and atolls.  A study from the University of Auckland showed that far from drowning as the grifters claim, between 1971 and 2014, the country grew by more than 73 hectares, or 2.9%. Each period of the study experienced net increases in land area, including the most recent decade.

But here’s the rub, as you would expect from such islands, some grew while others shrunk – cue a grifter showing you pictures from the shrinking ones! During that 43 year period when the cultists insist that global warming was happening, 73 islands increased in land area while 28 had decreased. Just one had eroded entirely.

Tuvalu’s population is spread across nine of its largest islands, with about 50% of its people living on Fogafale, in the Funafuti atoll. These larger islands generally experienced the greatest increases in land size, while Tuvalu’s smaller, uninhabited islands fared the worst.

So why is Tuvalu seeing shrinkage but -on balance – more growth not slipping beneath the waves as the grifters all claim?

The study looked at Tuvalu’s two island types, atolls and reef platforms. Though both are formed from coral reefs, atolls are ring-shaped formations of islets or islands surrounding a lagoon, whereas reef platform islands are solid, single structures.

Their expansion, the study suggests, is the result of sediment, corals and other debris being washed ashore by storms and waves.

Coastal geomorphologist Paul Kench, who led the research team said that Tuvalu’s islands had “always been changeable” and that they “adjust their position on the reef surface” as waves, currents and sea levels change. “This is a continual adjustment process,”

So, the odds are that Tuvalu islands have been shrinking and growing for centuries, forever in fact it is just that we do not have satellite data to prove it.

So, there are the facts: In an era when cultists insist that there has been non-stop global warming and rising sea levels which will inevitably drown Tuvalu, it has, in fact, been growing.  But are we allowed to challenge hysteria with facts or should we just hand over cash to millionaire liberal grifters like the folks at Avaaz and to third world grifters like the PM of Tuvalu anyway?  It seems that our leaders in the political and media elite do not have the balls to challenge the cultists and so instead hand over taxpayers’ cash to grandstand their own virtue.

Rishi et al, there is no virtue in pissing away other people’s money. History will not judge you kindly.


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