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45 days ago

Back to that BBC bombshell on global warming killing the Swiss ski industry – you will never guess what?

On January 6 the BBC sent a reporter to Torgen to show a ski resort devoid of snow and warned that an entire industry was being killed off by man made global warming. That was, of course, fake news as I demonstrated here on 24 January by when the website showed 66% of Swiss reports open for ski-ing. Now guess what?


325 days ago

Winnileaks Breaking News - Julie Meyer work permit (below) expires - will the Swiss turf her out too?

For obvious reasons, involving avoiding going to the slammer, Julie “Lingerie on expenses” Meyer is not heading back to the UK or Malta any time soon. In the US she has repeatedly lied to the IRS about those unpaid taxes from 2001 and so she will not be setting foot in the land of the free either. So what of her current bolt-hole: Switzerland? Well there is a problem as, thanks to Winnileaks, you can see below.


345 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel- the amazing flowers of a Greek spring

I lay in bed this morning with the cocks having crowed and with the birds tweeting away, but with my family all snoring happily, thinking of how I would tell you about the warming sun of a Greek Spring. Opening the doors to head upstairs for that first pot of coffee and some writing while the family snoozes on,my feet found the tiles outside the door still wet from overnight rain. And above the mountains looming above us, dark clouds assembled. But they will go and by the time we hit a stone covered beach at Kitries later this morning, the sun will be blazing down upon us.


502 days ago

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Julie Meyer MBE slammed by another judge, this time in Switzerland as she loses two more cases

Oh dear, oh dear. Still facing an FCA criminal investigation and also again slammed by a British Judge just the other day for lying and facing possible jail time for contempt of Court and still on the hook for millions of dollars in unpaid taxes in the USA, UK and Malta, it seems as if Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer might be forced to flee Switzerland too as she now appears to be an illegal immigrant.


2404 days ago

Hypocrite Theresa May spends YOUR cash to tell you to do as I say not as I do

Our glorious unelected leader Theresa May has today urged folks to "staycation" in Britain to help the economy. What a towering patriot she is. Has she said how she will shower all the Brit-astic members of Team GB with honours to thank them for putting the Great back into Britain? Rule Britannia. Let's ignore how debased those honours are by the stench of years of corruption. Let's all back our country. Play some Elgar.

After all: Theresa did say how we were all in it together and how her brand of conservatism would reach out to thsoe who feel left out and so loathe a rich, out of touch hypocritical elite. So which part of ever more Great Britain did Theresa go to on holiday this year?