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1003 days ago

Tom Winnifrth Bearcast: A twitter spat with LSE ShareTalk - 5 times it failed to fess up

I return again to the issue of those who take payment from PLCs and fail to disclose it when providing commentary on those PLCs. This time it is not the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood but LSE ShareTalk - we had a twitter spat last night where it failed to answer a simple question five times. Then I look at the pay of Nationwide boss Joe Garner and why this makes me despise him and his ilk. I look at clueless chancellor Phil Hammond and his plans to tax online retailers more - the man really is a total git. I cover the stupidity of Trades Union Unite on House of Fraser and the plunging Turkish Lira and what it means for the rotten European banking system.


1390 days ago

The State pension, life expectancy and a ponzi the historically ignorant & innumerate left cannot understand

As you can see in a tweet below from a regional organiser of the UNITE Trades Union, which bankrolls Labour, the vicious Tories are at it again, trying to raise the pension age. This is all because Tories hate those who are not so rich that they do not need a state pension. So bangs on the left in a post fact era chorus. So what are the facts?


2865 days ago

So Labour is bankrolled by the Unions…er what’s the news? And who cares?

Am I missing something from afar? I read that the Unite Union gives Labour vast amounts of money and now stands accused of trying to rig selection meetings in safe seats so that crony candidates who believe in thinks like workers’ rights and all those terribly passé concepts of the 1970s get picked. Heck so what is the news?

We always knew that Labour was bankrolled by the Trades Unions. It must have been a bit galling for the Unions to pony up only to see a bunch of Middle Class privileged young men ignore a vast amount of what they were promised. And so the Unions now want to ensure that MPs they bankroll can be relied upon to do the right thing. I.e. the wrong thing.

It is almost amusing to see Ed Milliband reporting his biggest backer to the Old Bill. But these are squabbles among the political classes.  During the past thirty years Union membership has fallen off a cliff – outside the public sector they are pretty irrelevant. Political party membership and voter turnout has fallen off a cliff too.

I spotted the other day a CV of a contemporary of mine from Oxford.