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361 days ago

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Julie Meyer screws 3 more ex employees at Drive

Oh dear , oh dear, the woman awarded an MBE for services to business by Mr Vince Cable, the man who attacked we bears for being nasty to the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry, has shown, once again, what a horrible piece of work she is. I bring you three more employment tribunals concerning Drive Software, the insolvent Tesla meets Fitbit outfit controlled by  Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer.


394 days ago

The curse of Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer – strike off order at Lattun 1 day after she joins board

This is not quite what you might expect from someone awarded an MBE for services to business at the behest of Rob Terry defender Vince Cable. But then again, why someone fleeing a High Court Arrest warrant and under an FCA criminal investigation still has a gong as something of a mystery. But back to Lattun.


507 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear: yet another employment tribunal humiliation for Julie Meyer, she really is a card

Somehow Vince Cable thought it would be a cracking idea to make Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer an MBE for services to business. A decade on, despite the FCA criminal enquiry, the collapse of her flagship Ariadne Capital, the UK and Maltese arrest warrants, and the problems with taxmen in the US and UK and numerous others to whom money is owed, this rotten Government still thinks she should keep that gong. Here is another reason why that is a mistake.


2024 days ago

Julie Meyer - her new flagship - its also insolvent surely - new Companies House Filing

With former flagship Ariadne Capital Limited in administration and Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer facing serious questions about that, Vince Cable's fave entrepreneur has to find a new flagship to stand behind her joke annual conference, this year to be held, to the dismay of local regulators, in Croatia. It would have been Ariadne Capital Group Limited of Malta but what with it facing regulatory probes, having no cash and with the criminal charges against Meyer in Malta that is perhaps not suitable. So Meyer has suggested her new flagship is Viva Capital LLP, formerly the company that booked her speaking fees. Problemo!


2056 days ago

New Winnileaks: What did they teach Julie Meyer at INSEAD on staff motivation? Not to pay them and to call them lazy?

On May 8 2017 Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer MBE emailed her dwindling band of staff at Ariadne Capital Limited (now in administration). The devout Christian clearly learned a lot when getting her MBA at INSEAD about how to motivate workers - treat 'em mean and keep ;em keen. Don't pay their wages, insult them and praise yourself. No wonder sad old Vince Cable thought Julie was such a role model for entrepreneurs. The email has now fallen into the hands of Winnileaks....


2064 days ago

BREAKING: Julie Meyer faces a whole new set of criminal charges in Malta: this time it is tax evasion. Oops.

Facing a raft of criminal charges for not paying her employees, Julie  “lingerie on expenses” Meyer  MBE has now refused to attend five court hearings and indeed has fled the island for good to avoid the Police who are  now charged by the Courts with locating her. I can reveal that it is about to get a lot worse for Vince Cable’s favourite lying fraudster as new criminal charges are brought.


2081 days ago

Winnileaks strikes again - another Julie Meyer email shows her plundering the ACE fund

Hoisted by her own petard. This is boastful Julie Meyer at her very best. No doubt Martha Lane Fox, Paddy Pantsdown and Vince Cable will be delighted to see evidence of how Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer charmed them. But what is the killer admission here is the scale of the plunder of the ACE Fund ( other people's money) by Meyer's Ariadne Capital Limited ( now in administration).


2286 days ago

Historian Niall Ferguson explains exactly why you should fear a stock market and economic collapse

I have always been a fan of Ferguson. His book Empire treats an ancestor (Ilbert) very kindly but it is as an economic historian where he really excels. Unlike Vince Cable who has predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions, Ferguson gets it right. He was one of those who called 2008 absolutely correctly. And he is now warning of a new disaster ahead making specific predictions.


2347 days ago

Just why does the BBC think Ken Clarke adds any balance on Brexit?

Radio 4's flagship Today programme was discussing Brexit in light of the recent comments by Boris and the forthcoming speech by the worst Tory Prime Minister in living memory, if not ever, Mrs May. It had already given time to the senile old remoaner Vince Cable who wants us to keep voting until we vote the "right" way, hence the word Democrat in his party's name. And so next up...from our Nottingham Studio it was fat old Euro-bore Ken Clarke.


2452 days ago

I called it for Trump & Macron - here is my GE2017 party by party forecast - big Tory win

Everyone, including me, called the French election right, but I was one of very few who predicted a Trump win in the US. For my hat-trick I am now having a stab at forecasts for the UK General Election on a party by party basis. But first just a few general observations before I go onto what will be a night of triumph for the Tories.


2488 days ago

My Godless daughter brands me an evangelist who's got religion as I defend Martin Luther King

My godless, almost 16 year old, daughter Olaf calls me as her GCSE's start next week. Her school reports are glowing, she has already won a scholarship to the 6th form and I wish her luck but am confident that it will be A*s all round. We have agreed not to discuss grade inflation, I'm very proud of her anyway. Conversation then turns to the General Election where she says she is backing the Tories. Again I am proud of her. Her real anger is directed, however, not at her fellow Islington resident Comrade Corbyn, but at Tim Farron and the Lib Dems. She is furious at poor Mr Farron for his less than unequivocal support for LGBT rights. In Islington that is the sort of issue that really matters above all else.


2697 days ago

Where did the Teathers Financial cash go ( part 2) ... Vince Cable not the only election day loser

If you are a shareholder in Teather's Financial (TEA) you will already be fuming about our revelations about the lavish shooting party YOU paid for to keep Jason Drummond, Mrs Drummond and some City Hooray Henry's entertained. It gets worse...we could run a long series on the corporate profligacy of Teather's and may well do so, but let's start with Election Day 2015, May 7.


2774 days ago

Why does the BBC still interview Vince Cable: He is Mad & Bad

You would have hoped that having been dumped by the sensible folks of Twickenham at the last election, mad old Vince Cable would scuttle off back into the undergrowth never to be seen again. As a nation, we prayed that the man who predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions and who fought valiantly on behalf of the Quindell fraudsters demanding that the FCA investigate wicked fraud busters would never been seen again. But oh no.


2852 days ago

Vince Cable on Brexit -what does this dreadful man not understand about democracy?

Vince Cable is the man who has famously predicted 14 of the last three recessions. He is the man who, as business secretary, called on the FCA to investigate and prosecute wicked bears who were bringing down a Great British company called Quindell, now being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. Cable backed the fraudsters then and now he is showing how, as a Liberal Democrat, he has a strange view of what Democracy means.


3211 days ago

Sajid Javid MP front runner to replace crazy Vince Cable – what delightful Quindell irony

The highlight of the election was seeing Vince Cable, the man who has predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions lose his seat. What joy that brought. My cheers could be heard across Kalamata Bay as crazy old Vince was soundly thrashed in Twickenham. Of course it is personal. 

Vince Cable ignored the wholesale fraud at Quindell


3224 days ago

Bulletin Board and General Election Moron of the Week - Round 18

By popular demand it is back but for the next two weeks we add a General Election twist. As ever the rules are simple. Filthylucre and Bananabob cannot post their own comments on this website as entries as they are just too good. But any other comment on a Bulletin Board or twitter is eligible.  But we also allow you to post any comment made by a politician during the Election campaign which is self-evidently ludicrous and unjustifiable. The most ludicrous or idiotic statement wins. We knew Vince Cable would come in handy one day. Although that mad Aussie who leads the Greens gives crazy old Vince a good run for his money.

For this week any comment from today until midnight next Saturday is eligible. Please note that articles written by Sith Lord Zak Mir are not eligible for inclusion as whilst all charting is nonsense, Zak should not be singled out for opprobium and he keeps a small portion of society entertained with his burblings. Tweets by Jim Mellon are also barred as we know he cannot be serious.


3224 days ago

Bulletin Board & General Election Moron of the Week (17) announced

Maybe I did not make the General Election element of this contest clear. Merely pointing out policies that do not stack or the general duplicity of Call Me Dave or insanity of Vince Cable/The Greens does not win – we need a specific quote that is self-evidently insane.  Please do better this week HERE. And thus the winner of last week’s contest is…

A Bulletin Board Moron, in the absence of any real political entries. Well done to Grindertrader for spotting this gem from the LSE Asylum


3253 days ago

Tom Winnifrith & the FCA Bearcast 28 March

I seem to have been reported to the FCA again. I discuss this, Vince cable, Sefton, Quindell and the failure of regulation plus a bit about faith (which I do not have) or forgiveness (which I find hard). A company specific bearcast will go live later.


3263 days ago

Vince Cable MP, Andrew Tyrie MP and Peter Hain MP – J’accuse ref Quindell

Just when you thought that our MPs could not sink any lower in talking complete bollocks as they engage in populist pre-election vote grubbing, they turn up en masse to surprise you with a new act of idiocy. Leading the charge on this occasion is the economic illiterate business secretary Vince Cable and the matter at hand is Quindell (QPP).

Cable, Andrew Tyrie (the Tory buffoon in charge of the Treasury Select Committee) and the expenses fiddling permatanned Peter Hain of Labour are lambasting the FCA for not dealing with market abuse at Quenron. Yes…I think you know what is coming next.


3713 days ago

It had to happen eventually – Vince Cable is 100% right about something: immigration

I never thought I would be writing this but I suppose it had to happen eventually: I find myself agreeing 100% with what our thoroughly deranged Business Minister Vince Cable had said. The man is just bang on the money. The subject is immigration.

Cable, who I accept is mad as a hatter 99% of the time, says that the Tories are running scared of UKIP and so are engaging in wolf whistle politics on the subject of Romanian and Bulgarian immigration after Christmas. As Cable, Call Me Dave Cameron, the frightful Theresa May and Nigel Farage all know full well, the numbers arriving here will not be gargantuan. None will be able to claim benefits for quite some time and so those coming here will be those willing and wanting to do low paid jobs.

British business needs such folk because our welfare system is far too generous and so has created a whole layer of society which is fit only to undertake unskilled/low skilled labour but refuses to do so.  In making that point Cable is again bang on the money. The Business Secretary understands that for GDP to grow as it should we need these immigrants.

The facts are:


3984 days ago

Mensch to the US, Miliband (D) to US, Piers Moron to US – who else do you want to go?

The UK is three people better off with news that David Miliband is joining Louise Mensch and Piers Moron in America. But in a reverse of those old balloon debates from school I wonder which other seven folks would you really want to join Miliband D on a one way flight to New York? It is a hard choice in assembling any such list but for what it is worth my top 7 to leave would be:

1. Abu Qatada

2. Heather Frost (and children)

3. Hugh Grant

4. Sir Alex Ferguson

5.  Vince Cable

6. Polly Toynbee

7. Cherie Blair ( aka the wicked witch)

The more I think about the more I could pack a whole plane with such folk but having to choose a top 7 there you go. Disagree?

PS. Do you think I should have asked Mr Grant's permission before I published this article?


4147 days ago

Vince Cable from Euro Loon to Euro Scoundrel

Vince Cable somehow gained a reputation (out of Government) for predicting everything. He did that by (after the event) saying that he had predicted it beforehand. And for a while it worked and it was St Vince this and St Vince that. Until a bit of fact checking rather knocked the spots of that story. And since joining Government he has been an unmitigated disasters getting almost every big call wrong and appearing to be intent on nothing more than scheming his way to the top when Nick Clegg finally gets the order of the boot. So he is not exactly an idol of mine. But today the horrid little man sank to new depths.

Cable has always been a prize Euro loon