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Why does the BBC still interview Vince Cable: He is Mad & Bad

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 20 July 2016

You would have hoped that having been dumped by the sensible folks of Twickenham at the last election, mad old Vince Cable would scuttle off back into the undergrowth never to be seen again. As a nation, we prayed that the man who predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions and who fought valiantly on behalf of the Quindell fraudsters demanding that the FCA investigate wicked fraud busters would never been seen again. But oh no.

You would have thought that the highest profile defender of the biggest stockmarket fraud in 30 years would admit that he does not know what he is talking about when it comes to matters PLC but Cable has no sense of shame. Upon the takeover of ARM, Vince popped up like clockwork to be interviewed by his fellow loathers of free markets, the BBC. Sir Vince was standing outside the House of Commons as if to suggest that he had some credibility. Of course he has none.

All too predictably Vince, like the BBC, does not think that wicked investors should be rewarded for risking their capital and wants the Government to block the bid. You will of course be aware that ARM's new owners have guaranteed to increase the UK headcount so in every way this is a win win for the UK.

Sir Vince opined " it may be a perfectly good japanese company" but he objected to a British company " going under foreign ownership without any test" Aaah yes Vince these yellow chappies with the slitty eyes, you can't be trusting them can you? We've seen Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence too, we know what the Japs are like. You just can't trust the evil bastards can you?

Softbank, the purchaser of ARM is appears to be a very good company indeed, a world class enterprise. So what tests is Sir Vince proposing? Perhaps he wants his pal Rob Terry of Quindell infamy to kick the tyres of the Japs on behalf of a grateful nation?

Would Sir Vince apply his test to all bids? Are all British Companies good companies? We know he thought Quindell was a "Great British Company" but does Sir Vince think it is only bids from companies run by dirty foreigners that need testing? As a keen supporter of the EU I assume that the "Sir Vince doctrine" is based on the idea that Wogs begin at Istanbul rather than at Calais?

The ARM deal means British investors win, British workers win as more staff are taken on and the British taxpayer wins as tax receipts go up. Just what is the problem that Sir Vince has with foreign ownership?

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