Saturday April 20, 2019
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Just why does the BBC think Ken Clarke adds any balance on Brexit?

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- Tom Winnifrith

Radio 4's flagship Today programme was discussing Brexit in light of the recent comments by Boris and the forthcoming speech by the worst Tory Prime Minister in living memory, if not ever, Mrs May. It had already given time to the senile old remoaner Vince Cable who wants us to keep voting until we vote the "right" way, hence the word Democrat in his party's name. And so next up...from our Nottingham Studio it was fat old Euro-bore Ken Clarke.

What would you say in your speech if you were Theresa May? Asked the Pravda interviewer. Predictably Clarke offered up his vision of Brexit which would see us leave the EU but stay within all its institutions, paying vast amounts to Brussels and sticking by every EU rule including those on bent bananas. Brexit uber light. Oh and Boris should be sacked as well.

We knew what Clarke was going to say as he is wheeled on about once a week to offer his vision of the way forward. He is there so the BBC can say how balanced is its coverage of Brexit "Look we always interviewing Tories who back Brexit as balance to mad old Vince. But 99% of Tories and almost all Tory MP's other than that other BBC regular the ghastly Anna Soubry, now accept that Brexit means Brexit not just EU-light.

This is another sham pretence of balance from the taxpayer funded broadcaster. Surely no-one is fooled by it?


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