113 days ago

BREAKING EXPOSE: Lancaster University and the cover up for Professor Simon Mabon who celebrated the Hamas slaughter of 1400 Jews on October 7

On the day after the worst mass slaughter of Jews since World War Two, Lancaster University professor Simon Mabon, a man regularly called as an “impartial expert” by the BBC to comment on the evils of Israel, tweeted out his praise for those vermin of Hamas who had carried out the attacks, the rapes, the beheadings, the kidnaps, the roasting of a baby in an oven. Mabon is a disgrace but so too is Lancaster University which, I can now reveal, has exonerated him, covered up his crime and so made it clear that Jewish students at Lancaster can now be taunted and menaced without repercussion.


135 days ago

Is Twitter an anti-semitic company or just a sewer? Apparently this poster does not break its rules

I reported this twitter account to twitter yesterday after it spewed some Jew hating crap in my direction. I did so as twitter has an explicit rule about posting a hateful image. Now I reckon that there are  five very hateful images on the homepage of @crac67. But twitter says there is nothing to see here. Can you spot the hate below?


1152 days ago

Jew hating Labour “Lord” Nazir Ahmed commits blood libel against Israel with fake news and photos on twitter and folks lap it up

He was made a Lord by Tony Blair but is one of the few Jew haters with whom Labour has actually parted company. He is not actually a member of the house of Lords any more having been booted out of the chamber last month because of a spot of bother with rape and sexual assault allegations. There are also a couple of child rape charges outstanding.  He has form as a Jew hater claiming that when he was convicted of killing someone by dangerous driving in 2013 that was just a Jewish conspiracy. Today he has sent the tweet below which, as I write has been retweeted 253 times and liked 412 times. It is fake news with fake pictures and a blood libel against the Jews.


3501 days ago

Video - If you do not hear from me again: #IstandwithIsrael

It is a good a day as any to move into my Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) T-shirt. Greece is the most anti-semitic country in Europe according to a recent poll but #IstandwithIsrael - so if you don't hear from me again, it's been fun.