603 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the first crop from the 2022 harvest

At the hovel, we are working our way through the last of the winter cabbages. The last four sit waiting to be picked. But now we are onto the 2022 harvest, we have already enjoyed the first crops planted this year, proving one of my doubters wrong!


639 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - Radish update and broad beans in, garlic next

Having parted company with the chap who managed the garden I am now in sole charge and I know that I shall make blundering errors and will just have to learn from my own mistakes. In fact, as a kind reader pointed out, I made one with my early radish planting, something I have started to correct today.


3967 days ago

EU Cabbages & Why this Insanity must cease in so many words

I think this says it all about the Evil Empire.. Pythagoras' theorem - 24 words. Lord's Prayer - 66 words. Archimedes' Principle - 67 words. 10 Commandments - 179 words. Gettysburg address - 286 words. US Declaration of Independence - 1,300 words. US Constitution with all 27 Amendments - 7,818 words. EU regulations on the sale of cabbage - 26,911 words