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1308 days ago

The scale of cheating in Australian cricket will come to horrify us all

The lead opinion piece in today's Times newspaper explains how academic success is not down to the choice of school but is genetic. The lead sports story is about how a nation where most folks are descended from convicted criminals has been caught cheating on an industrial scale at its national sport. Discuss.


1517 days ago

Tennis shows it cares only about money as drugs cheat Sharapova returns in triumph

Women's tennis has been lacking something for the past couple of years... that is to say a woman who is not only incredibly good at hitting the ball but is also jaw droppingly good looking. The problem is that Maria Sharapova who fits the bill on both counts was caught cheating by using a performance enhancing drug.


1688 days ago

Wales vs Ireland - at least Olaf is happy, I watched Miss Marple

My father was bracing himself all day and watched the rugby to the bitter end. Today he will be with the rest of Shipston's small Irish community in the Horseshoe drowning their sorrows and wishing Scotland the best of luck against the Old Enemy. I could not watch after half time such was my sense of foreboding and - to the delight of the Mrs - switched to watch a Miss Marple I had seen many times before. The Alzheimer's is still at bay, I knew the killer at once and even why he did it.


1828 days ago

Rigging the Election - Video I: Hillary Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

This video is explosive. It shows how Hillary Clinton and the DNC are cheating on an industrial scale. In part one of the Veritas expose we discover how the Dems create violence at Trump rallies to discredit The Donald. They also "fake" attacks on women at Trump rallies. Hillary says this is made up but a) it is utterly compelling, b) two of the folks on the video, notably Bob Creamer - a fraudster married to a Dem Congresswoman so a very senior player -  have already "resigned" from the Clinton campaign. Not the actions of innocent men. Natch the mainstream media has not played this video at all - can you remember the BBC or Channel 4 even commenting on it?


1899 days ago

The Premiership starts tomorrow ..but I am so underwhelmed (even about West Ham)

It seemed that almost as soon as Euro 2016 was over West Ham were getting thrashed in pre season friendlies. And now football is back. The Premiership starts tomorrow and the hammers kick off away at Chelsea on Monday. I should be excited.

But I am not. This will be my third campaign without a season ticket. Last year I saw precisely no ga


2037 days ago

Serena Williams - why is it that you cant condemn cheats in your sport?

It is bad enough that Serena Williams shows rank hypocrisy on the matter of equal pay in tennis. She also diminishes her status as a great athlete by her refusal to condemn a proven drugs cheat, that is to say Maria Sharapova.

Sharapova faces a ban for tennis after she was caught using a substance which from January of this year was banned. Sharapova has been using it for ten years and claimed that it was only administered on medical advice. Sadly