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The Premiership starts tomorrow ..but I am so underwhelmed (even about West Ham)

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 12 August 2016

It seemed that almost as soon as Euro 2016 was over West Ham were getting thrashed in pre season friendlies. And now football is back. The Premiership starts tomorrow and the hammers kick off away at Chelsea on Monday. I should be excited.

But I am not. This will be my third campaign without a season ticket. Last year I saw precisely no games. In my absence West Ham are better than they have been in my lifetime so at one level I should not hex them by going back.

But at another level I guess that I have just fallen out of love with professional sport. The money, the cheating, the drugs, the airhead celeb superstars are just so remote from how I lead my life I just cannot bring myself to get interested.

Naturally I want West Ham to win and hope that a move to a naew stadium transforms the fortunes of the club but I smply cannot bring myself to care with any passion about any of it. I'd also like to see team GB do well at the Olympics but I don't really care. If I see an exceptional performance I assume that cheating is involved.

For me at least, the magic has just disappeared for pretty much all professional sport. Perhaps it is the wall to wall coverage that makes nothing seem special, perhaps it is the money and commercialisation or perhaps it is the cheating? I am not sure but I have certainly fallen out of love with watching sport.  

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