The Hypocrisy of the liberal Media as Donald Trump blasts rigged election

Tom Winnifrith Friday 21 October 2016


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As soon as debate three was over the liberal media had their line "Trump won't accept General Election result - a threat to democracy". It was what Hillary said and it was the line that liberal worms on our TV screens such as the loathsome Matt Frei on C4 News repeated endlessly, Frei, who likes telling black folks they are racist for voting for Donald Trump, told us all that he was truly disgusted and that this was a new low point in American politics, it threatens democracy, yadda, yadda, yadda. We had never heard this before. Except that ... we had.

Think back to 2000 when Democrat Al Gore got beaten narrowly by Baby Bush and what did he say? Er.... I cannot accept the result. To be fair Gore had a point, there was evidence of voter fraud in Florida and so I can sympathise with what he said in a very real way.

But here is the double standard from the liberals, for there is now wholesale evidence of very widespread voter fraud in 2016 by one party only. We now have Dem officials, senior officials, caught on tape admitting that they paid folks $1500 to attend Donald Trump rallies to cause violence, to shout out claims that the Donald was a racist and to de-rail his campaign. At least one rally was indeed cancelled.

It gets worse. Other Senior Dems were caught on tape admitting to bussing voters into vote on multiple occasions - the husband of a congressman was a senior official in Hillary's Campaign until Monday when he had to quit after being caught. Junior Dem officials have been caught registering dead folks to vote. Hillary's former chairman Podesta explained how to get illegals to vote ( Dem natch). We now have evidence that Crooked Hillary was given questions ahead of an earlier debate so giving her a clear advantage over a less prepped trump.

In other words there is now hard concrete evidence of industrial scale cheating by the Dems to rig this election. The liberal media ignores this, allowing crooked Hillary to claim this is just Trump making it up. But he is not, there is hard evidence and mainstream America knows it. The most recent poll said that 71% of Americans thought the contest was being rigged. The only surprise is that 29% of Americans are ignoring all the evidence and showing amazing naivete.

The scandal an honest press would be investigating, rather than ignoring, is the electoral fraud. Instead they accuse Trump of hitting a new low in merely stating the same as Gore did 16 years ago though he has far more reason to complain than did Fat Al.

Back in 1972 the Republicans cheated. It was called Watergate. Presumably the liberal press had no problem with the Dems crying foul back then and in Woodward & Bernstein exposing the truth. What has changed about the morality of electoral cheating since 1972? Nothing, other - than for the liberal elite - the party that is doing it?

If Clinton wins, and it is still an if, as more evidence of fraud emerges and more evidence of how the mainstream media, the liberal elite, ignored this issue emerges, mainstream America is going to be a mighty angry place. And with very good reason.

Trump understands that main outside the rich coastal liberals already feel cheated. The elite stole our country is his message. And the vote fraud and the way the media is addressing that only makes his message more powerful. Here he is in Ohio post debate. That is a key swing state that voted Dem last time but where Trump is now leading in the polls, not that C4 news will actually report that.


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